Cost always plays an important role in a long-term decision like picking the platform on which to build your website. If you take a comparative look at some of the website builders available on the market right now, you will notice that prices range from a few dollars (or even nothing at all) to hundreds of dollars. Why are some of these tools available free of charge while others are so pricey? There is no easy answer to this without trying out at least some of them, however we can help you understand what each of the packages includes. Here are six aspects you should check before deciding which website builder to use on the long run.


1. User Friendly Interface

Since you will use your website building tool on a daily basis, the user-friendliness of its interface is of utmost importance. A modern design is always more intuitive than the ones featuring a “last century” look. If the features are not presented in a logical manner, you will end up wasting precious time trying to figure out where and how to perform various tasks.


2. Around The Clock Support

Round the clock support is a crucial element, especially if you have an e-commerce website. If the website builder’s provider offers support solely via email and they only answer after a few days, you risk losing regular visitors and loyal customers because of a simple glitch.


3. Easily Customizable Templates

You don’t want your website to look like thousands of other sites, right? You should know that free website builders usually come with only a limited range of design templates. If you want to customize your website’s design as well as its other features, you might want to look into the premium options. Otherwise, you might end up paying for a designer and spending more money in the long run.


4. Marketing Tools

Premium packages usually include marketing tools that can assist you in your marketing efforts and boosting your website’s online visibility. These tools should not be underestimated, especially if you are new to website building and promotion. Buying the whole package is also more cost effective. When purchased separately, these tools come with hefty price tags. There is also a good chance you will receive high quality support and account management with a more expensive plan. These are the experts that can help you grow your site if you are new to website building.


5. Ability To Use Your Own Domain

Using a free website builder often means having to work on a free sub-domain that belongs to the platform’s provider. This puts a series of constraints on the activities you can do, the features you can incorporate in your website, and whether it will be easy to scale your site once you start to see success. Also, these types of provider-owned URLs do not look professional, and are difficult to remember.


6. Ads Display

Do you want to monetize your website by selling ad space? This might not be possible when using a free website builder. However, this does not mean that your site is ad-free. Free plans will most likely display the website building tool provider’s ads, and you will have no control as to where these ads are placed within your pages.


There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there is also no need to spend money on things you don’t need. Make sure you research the top website builders on the market, and the features they offer, both free and premium and choose a package that suits your needs. Save money in the long run by having a clear idea of what you need and purchase it right from the start.

Eric Renfro
Eric is a master when it comes to web development. With seven years of experience, Eric has successfully assisted numerous well-known companies and individuals create and develop their desired websites. He is a contributing writer to the Top 5 Website Builders blog.
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  • Mae Cardinal

    I wrote my first book and, need a website to get exposure, however I am living on my social security and not able to be choosy. Is there a possibility?

    • Eric Renfro

      Hi Mae,
      Congratulations on your new book!
      You definitely need an online presence to get more exposure. Today you have a number of great website builders that are are very easy to use and simple to customize. I really recommend or which have great tools and lots of templates to choose from. Both have a great free web builder option to start with, although I would really advise you to purchase your own domain name via their package option. It is very important to have your own domain name to make sure your readers can find you on the Internet, and it will help you increase your online presence.
      Good luck building a website!

  • Kevin

    Free website builders is a real fairy tail. You actually can do a lot with them and your website will be full of adds. The best option is to choose the right package from the very beginning instead of upgrading it on-the-go. You can finally loose money trying to save it.