Instagram can really be a prominent social media method to increase traffic to your business website.

Any business wishing to thrive online needs a good-looking website first which should attract visitors from all the targeted segments. A free website builder can be used for creating an attractive website related to the niche you are targeting. Some good examples of a free website builder are  Hibu, Wix and At the same time, it is also important to rank high on the search engines and use social media channels to attract visitors through them.

If you are still not sure about the enormous potential of Instagram, take into account the fact that today more than 50 million photos are uploaded on it daily. If you consider using this vivid network to meet your website traffic goals, you are definitely on the right track to make your brand visible to thousands of potential customers.

Instagram can increase traffic to your website due to the following important facts:

Social media has changed the way people interact with each other today in a way that no one could have imagined a couple of decades back. Businesses are reaping the benefits of these social media platforms to the fullest.  By being a smart entrepreneur, you should take the initiative in this direction. Instagram is somewhat different from other popular social channels like Facebook and Twitter but has great potential. You can share eye catching photographs, videos and pictures using your smartphone through Instagram and build a strong follower base.

According to Rob Mathison blog on Hootsuite Instagram has more than 1 billion users now and the only social networks which have crossed this mark are Facebook and YouTube. More than 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram and more than 3.5 billion likes happen every day.

These figures show that everyone loves and is obsessed with Instagram. Therefore, in order to use this extremely popular social media channel, you need to be clever enough to choose the pictures you are sharing and also the promotional strategy.

The Best Tips and Strategies to Reach Your Website Traffic Goals and Increase User Interest

1. The first step is to create your business website

Before you start using Instagram to boost your website traffic, it is important to explain how you can create a stunning website which will attract visitors and engage them to your brand. There are countless tutorials available on the internet on how to create a website or how to create a website for free. Some review websites for website builders also allow you to compare different website builders so that you can get a complete knowledge of how to make a website for free.

2. Create a comprehensive brand profile on Instagram

Your profile information section in Instagram is the most important section which links your Instagram marketing efforts to your real website and information. Include your brand images, logos and, most importantly, the link to your brand website. A big percentage of your website visitors may not visit your website directly. They are more likely to reach the site through the most popular social channels like Instagram. Therefore, sharing interesting photos of your brand for engaging customers and urging them to know more and ultimately click on your website link in the Instagram profile can be the best way to increase the traffic to your website!

3. Use Instagram Hashtags to expand your website reach

Although hashtags were originally started by the Twitter community, Instagram is now the leader in terms of hashtags density. Now every marketer in the world realizes that the real success of Instagram marketing depends on how well Instagram hashtags were used.

Hashtags on Instagram are not just limited to Instagram but when someone shares his/her Instagram content on Facebook, the Instagram hashtag is also published along with the content. There are some general rules of using Hashtags in Instagram which you must follow to increase the reach:

  • Do not use more than 3-5 hashtags in your posts. (Although the limit is 30 per post)
  • Choose the hashtags which the most influential businesses are using. (You should learn from others)
  • Keep the hashtags short and simple – In place of using #NorthDakotaBikeSpecialists use #NDBexperts which makes more sense and is easier on the eye.
  • Don’t use some popular but spammy tags which are attracted by only bots and others who do not have any intention of engaging with your brand website like #tagsforlikes, #like4like etc.
  • Experiment! Use the search function in Instagram. Select the ‘Tags’ tab when searching for a keyword related to your business. You will get the list of all the hashtags with the keyword you searched for. A good number means a big number of people following the hashtag but at the same time there will be tons of content related to it. So do some experimenting by taking some popular and niche segment hashtags. It will provide good practice!

4. Layer a Call To Action on your Instagram Images

A good ‘Call To Action’ on your appealing Instagram images can be the best driving force for driving traffic to your website. Design the photos for Instagram which can really convert. A good example of Call To Action images can be entering a contest like ‘Enter today and Win exciting prizes’. Once the user clicks on the link, he/she gets directed to your website to share his/her information. In this way you can direct good traffic to your business website with the help of Call To Action on Instagram images.

5. Don’t forget the power of Instagram videos

Nothing can be more influential than the power of moving images in real time. Videos in Instagram are three times more powerful than images and therefore a worthy investment. Add the URL of the company’s website in these influential videos in an overlay text or voiceover.

6. Link all your other social media profiles to Instagram

Another very important step you should never forget is to link all your major social network profiles like Twitter and Facebook to Instagram. This way, when you post anything on Instagram, it will be posted on your other social media profiles automatically and vice versa. Thus, in a single click, all your social media profiles will be boosted automatically, which will help generate more traffic to your website.

Final Words

Summing up, you can really boost enormous traffic to your website with Instagram. After all, Instagram is part of the one of the biggest social media communities in the world. With a bunch of simple tricks and thoughtful effort on your part with regards to photos and videos, it is possible to generate highly relevant and targeted traffic on your business website.

Jane Benson
Jane is a professional web designer with 5 years of experience in the field. One of Jane’s passions is writing and blogging about the art of web design when she often shares pearls of wisdom and tips on this endless creative subject.
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