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GoDaddy is an established, highly reputable company. Its fame and prestige came from the fact that it is one of the most widely known, strong and prominent companies in the field of website builders in the world. GoDaddy offers clients a very strong 24/7, 365 days customer support system and a comprehensive set of website building tools. GoDaddy website builder has more than 12 million paying customers that can vouch for its ability to provide a non-developer the means to make an easily built, fully functional and beautiful web design.

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Design and Templates - Website builder review

Design & Templates

If you have never developed anything in your life, creating a professional looking website may seem daunting. Well, have no fear. GoDaddy’s website builder was created with you in mind. Their platform offers more than 300 templates divided into business sections for you to choose from. These templates are fully populated with matching images and content. Once you have located the best website template for you, all you have to do is replace the images and content with your own and you’re done. On top of that, all their themes are adapted to mobile. Once you’ve finished changing it you can preview your final version either in desktop or mobile mode.

Features - Website builder review


Drag & Drop Editor – GoDaddy’s website editor has an array of elements for you to choose from, including text, images, forms, videos, slideshows etc. To align elements correctly simply turn on grids or lock them to their chosen position. You can apply these changes either on the current page or across your entire website.

Add-ins & Widgets – GoDaddy web builder allows you to easily connect with your community by using Twitter feeds on your website and linking it with your Facebook page. GoDaddy’s Search Optimization tools make it easier for your users to locate your site using major search engines, like Google or Yahoo.

Backup – GoDaddy website builder offers an uncommon option of backing up versions of your website as you go along. If you make a backup you can tinker and make as many changes as you like and always revert to an earlier version if you need.

Value for money - Website builder review

Value for Money

GoDaddy offers 4 low price plans.


This starts with Economy at $2.49/month and allows you to go live with the essentials. With this option you can host one single website.


The Deluxe option, which t is the best value option, offers more space and flexibility for multiple sites. You can get this plan at $4.99 per month.


The Ultimate plan hosts complex sites, which is perfect for your growing business and is as low as $7.99/month.

Business Hosting

Business Hosting starts at $19.99 and is optimized for high-traffic, eCommerce as well as resource-demanding sites.

Support - Website builder review


GoDaddy has a great reputation for providing excellent support. Basic information can be found in their FAQ pages, which are detailed and helpful, categorized into sections for ease of use. All their customers get phone access to their service personnel. It is quick and effective. Their staff is professional and extremely helpful. You can also engage in live chat, or you can choose to submit a support ticket in which they will get back to you in about 10 to 15 hours. As far as website builders go, GoDaddy has an incredible customer support system.

Conclusion - Website builder review


GoDaddy are extremely committed to their customer’s experience. Their website builder is ideal for small businesses and personal sites. It is easy to use, user-friendly and has an exceptional customer service support. By using their themes you will quickly and efficiently gain an online presence. The online world’s challenges would seem less frightening with the help of Godaddy website builder tools.

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Ray Rosenfeld
When it comes to UI and online SEO, Ray is your guy. Ray holds 6 years of experience under his giant wings. He is highly successful at assisting businesses and individuals increase their websites prominence using various methods. Now Ray mostly enjoys writing and sharing his vast knowledge, especially with the readers of the Top 5 Website Builders blog.
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  • Queen

    Hi Lance,

    We have a church camp meeting coming up in June 2019 and I need to start putting the word out now and the best medium to go about getting it done is a website. Can you help?

  • Lance Maxwell

    Hi There,
    I have an ongoing postgame cartoon featuring game by game scenarios of the Edmonton Oilers. This has been going on for awhile, I was curious about what would be the best option for starting a website that I would be able to start making some money with this and how would I go about doing so? Any advice is good advice for this tech greenhorn. Thanks
    Lance Maxwell

    • Ray Rosenfeld

      Hi Lance,
      Thanks for taking the time out to contact us.
      With GoDaddy you can create a great website. All you need do is choose a theme, customize it with text and images, social media feeds, business apps and more. The Design features are really easy and uploading and replacing images are really simple. GoDaddy allows you to preview before you publish.
      To get started just go to GoDaddy and you will need to choose a domain name and from there build a website. You can build a website for one month for free, preview it and see how you like it. There are business apps and integrations you can use to help you make money with your website.
      I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • ali amjadi

    I would like to build my own web site ,can you help me please

    • Ray Rosenfeld

      Hi Ali,
      Thanks for your inquiry. There are some great do-it-yourself website builders on the market, and you can check out a list of the top “build it yourself” website builders here. You can also check out Wix or eHost, both of which are great choices for first-time website builders.

      Good luck!

  • John Manion

    I have heard a lot of good things about Go-Daddy websites. I want to set up a website for my St. Louis Cardinals collection and would like to know if Go-Daddy is the site to use for a personal webpage.

  • Cathleen

    I am on go daddy my family try to google me and i dont come up

    • Ray Rosenfeld

      Hi Cathleen,
      We would love to help you, however, we need more details on your GoDaddy package. What is your domain name?

  • Elthea

    I am very interested in using this site to create my web page. I have my own pictures to use and do not need the templates, is that ok? I also do not see anywhere we create a payment set up for the small business, do you support paypal? And lastly can you pay the month fee up front for the whole year?

    • Ray Rosenfeld

      Hi Elthea, GoDaddy is a great website builder and your’e wise to use it.
      It offers many great templates for you to choose from, and by all means, you can upload any picture you want to use.
      You can easily pay with PayPal. In the shopping cart, when you’re ready to pay, click “Proceed to Checkout” and then Select PayPal as your payment method.
      You can pay in advance for a full year with no problem.
      For more details you can click here.

  • Martin

    I heard great things about Godaddy. I want to build a website for my business and they seem to have all the necessary tools I need. I’m not a very technical person and am afraid of having some issues with that, but I read on your site that GoDaddy have an awesome customer support and are very user friendly. I’ll give them a try. Thanks!


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