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Solomoto review
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Solomoto is a company providing website building and maintenance services. A perfect choice for small to medium sized businesses, their website builder is easy to use and is laden with a lot of state-of-the-art features.

Plans & Pricing

Solomoto comes with a free trial account and their basic package costs $59.99 per month if you go for an annual billing schedule and 79.99$ if you choose the monthly one. It comes with the basic features including website designing and publishing, creating and managing online reputation, Facebook and Instagram advertisements and SEO etc.

The supplementary features cost extra money, as follows:

  • Social media management: $399
  • Advertising management: $399
  • Web presence management: $399
  • All-inclusive: $699

Compared to their counterparts, Solomoto’s prices are slightly on the steeper side.

Features and Functionality

Solomoto has the following features that stand out:

Mobile Site Editing: Solomoto website builder has a separate screen where you can design your website in a mobile screen canvas. All the features like catalog, map, gallery, buttons and images etc. are available in the mobile editing screen as well.
Instant Store Setup: With a single click on the main screen, the user can enter the store editor screen where they can start adding products and start selling. You can customize your catalog, edit products or manage your customers by making a few clicks.
Easy SEO: With Solomoto, optimizing your website is very easy and straightforward. The SEO status can tell you how optimized your website is at any given time. By simply clicking on the “optimize” button, you are taken through a collection of steps where you have to just input trivial data to raise your SEO status.
Google Advertisements: Setting up a new Google ad campaign takes a few clicks of the cursor on Solomoto. By using the application’s simple interface, you can fill out a few fields, add the targeted locations, campaign timeframe and total budget and your new campaign will be set up in no time at all! You also get access to real-time analytics showing you exactly how your ad is doing.
Statistics: The Solomoto online application can also provide you with important statistics related to your social media (number of visits, number of new members etc.), your website and your e-commerce store.
Design & Templates: The Solomoto trial version offers around 50 free templates but the number can change if you purchase a paid subscription. By default, the application selects a template for you depending on the nature of your business but toggling between templates just takes a click. There is no tangible template categorization but the designs of most of the templates are decent.
Solomoto - Features

Ease of Use

Solomoto is fairly easy to use even if you don’t have any prior website development experience. Creating a website or a store and customizing it according to your needs is easy using the highly usable interface. Monitoring the analytics of the website, social media and advertisement campaigns can present a bit of a learning curve for novices but other than that, getting acquainted with the application shouldn’t take anyone over a few hours of use.

 Solomoto review - Ease of use


The company doesn’t offer 24/7 help and support and there is no landline number to reach the support staff in case of an emergency. The company also doesn’t have live chat support but you can reach them via email. There is no ticketing service but there are video tutorials, a FAQ section and a blog. The average paid customer does get a timely response from the support team.

Pros & Cons

Mobile website editing. Doesn’t support Twitter integration.
Simple SEO features
Real time analytics.
Central dashboard can be used to manage all leads
Google advertisements support

The Final Word

Solomoto is a well-designed website building and management application that can cater to the needs of any small to medium sized business. Be it SEO management, mobile website customization or Google advertisements campaign building, it helps you achieve it all using its user-friendly interface.

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Jane is a professional web designer with 5 years of experience in the field. One of Jane’s passions is writing and blogging about the art of web design when she often shares pearls of wisdom and tips on this endless creative subject.
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Solomoto Review