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Providing an easy-to-use e-commerce website building interface, beautiful customizable templates and advanced marketing tools, Yahoo Merchant is a professional online store builder.

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Design & Templates

Yahoo Merchant is an easy to use eCommerce website builder even if you are a total novice to web design and sites building. When setting up your online shop, you can benefit from a walk-through that will help you understand each step of the design process. For those who do not have enough coding experience, Yahoo eCommerce platform offers nice looking templates, but there are also a good number of customization tools those familiar with programming techniques can use to make sure their online store has an original and professional look.

Products Listing and Inventory Management

Once you are done with your online shop’s initial setup, you can start adding products. A great advantage with Yahoo Merchant is that there is no limit to the number of products you can add to your inventory. Thanks to this eCommerce website builder’s full customization capacity, online store owners can have different products versions, including customized SKU numbers.

When building your eCommerce website with Yahoo Merchant solutions, your online shop will have a built-in inventory management system that allows you to set the stock level for each of the products you are offering. Each time a customer buys one of your products, its inventory level is automatically updated. You can also set an email alert to receive a message each time an item’s inventory level reaches a minimum threshold. If you want to provide this information to your customers, you can set the shopping cart to display the number of units available for that particular product.

Marketing Tools

Since they revamped their eCommerce website building platform in 2014, Yahoo Merchant offers enhanced SEO, social media integration and marketing tools that enable online stores owners promote their products across various channels. What is special about this site-building tool is the Yahoo Localworks app that helps you list your site within the local directories like Yahoo Local, Bing, Yelp, MapQuest, WhitePages and Superpages. Yahoo Localworks also enables you to craft a professional profile for your business and promote it via these platforms.

Another great marketing tool with Yahoo Merchant is the possibility to chat live with customers on your store’s pages. This is a powerful feature that can help you boost your conversion rate and retain customers easily.

Payment Options

When selling your products on a Yahoo Merchant store, your customers can make payments using checks, bank transfers, credit cards, as well as PayPal. Yahoo Merchant has an in-house credit card processing system. When using this software, you can automate the tax calculation and shipping processes.

Value for Money

Providing you with a reliable platform, SEO and marketing tools, and 3rd party apps integration for the Professional and Premier plans, Yahoo Merchant offers good value for your money. This e-commerce website builder startup package includes a free domain for the first year, and you can also benefit from discounts if you pay up front for the entire year. At first sight, you might get scared of the transaction fee you have to pay for your sales when running your Yahoo store, but you can use their calculator to approximate you costs and make an informed decision.


Yahoo Merchant is a professional and secure eCommerce platform that credits your online shop with an SSL certificate. This tells your customers that their personal and financial data is safely encrypted and not stored on your website.

Customer Support

Benefiting from many years of experience within the internet field, Yahoo Small Business offers a professional customer support. Their agents are available 24/7 and can be reached via phone, chat or email for any online shop related issue you might run into.


All in all, Yahoo Merchant is a powerful and reliable eCommerce website platform that offers great value for your money, enabling you to use professional marketing tools and promote your products locally and globally. Providing you with the option of using multiple shipping carriers and a good number of payment options, Yahoo eCommerce platform is a great solution for small business dealing in online retail.

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Yahoo Merchant Review