No matter the subject they write about, there comes a moment in any blogger’s life when inspiration falls short. Here is a list of things worth trying when and if you are in such a situation.

Broaden Your Horizons

You may have been advised to choose a specific niche when starting a blog. This is, indeed, the best thing to do. However, when the topic you have chosen is too narrow, you run out of ideas after a while and this can be really frustrating. One solution is to expand your niche and start writing about subjects that are in close connection with your initial topic. Another way of getting out of the “writer’s block” is to try and look at things from a different perspective, or think of creative ways of posting, for example, if you usually post written movie reviews, perhaps you should kick up your posts using images instead, or write killer one line posts.

Follow the News

One sure way of writing posts with a buzz is to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your blog’s field. This is why it is of utmost importance to skim through the headlines a few times a week, if not every day. Nowadays all the newspapers have their online version which makes things rather easier for you. Subscribe to those you consider relevant and you will have the updates delivered straight to your mailbox. When you found something that might be interesting for your users, access the website and take a look at the comments. This way you will know how the general public feels about that specific subject.

Take Notes

Use a small notebook or your smart phone and take notes every time that you have ideas for blog posts. Inspiration can hit you in the most uncommon places and you might forget your ideas by the time you get to your computer. Moreover, when you look at things a bit later, it is possible that you see them from a different perspective.

Follow Other Blogs

Following other people’s blogs is a MUST. It is a crucial way of staying informed and get inspired for new ideas. This does not mean you should copy their ideas, though. Just process them through your own set of values and principles; come up with your own examples; try to present them from a different view point.

Find Ideas for Blog Offline

Although it seems that nowadays everything happens online, there is still a whole life going on outside the World Wide Web. Explore it and you will certainly find your inspiration. For instance, if you are blogging about home decorations, take a walk through the local specialized shops or get yourself invited to a friend’s house.


Blogging is as much an art as it is an acquired skill. While artists certainly need their innate genius, there is also a lot of training involved before they are able to create masterpieces. With a lot of discipline, you can train your blogging technique and become a master blogger!