With such a generous offer of website building tools available on the market, creating a website from scratch becomes very tempting, even if this is just a personal project. But, not all of us are web designers! That’s true. Yet, there are simple tools you can use to refine your web design all by yourself without needing a professional assistance.

1. Use a Logo Generator

A logo is your brand’s visual identity. You can have it designed by using a free or low cost online tool and craft it yourself.
Some website builders, like Wix and BuildYourSite.com, offer a free logo generator tool.

2. Go for a Neat Layout

A good web design is not overloaded with visuals. Get rid of the clutter and make sure your web pages have enough white space. It keeps users focused on the content.

3. Use Intuitive Navigation

Internet users don’t have the patience to figure it out. You have to make it easier for visitors to find their way around your website. If necessary, used double menus, but make sure you do it in a logically manner.

4. Choose Easy-to-read Fonts That Work Across Browsers

People use different devices and internet browsers to surf the web. Pick a font that reads easily and size it no less than 11pt. You shouldn’t have more than 15-20 words per line.

5. Use High Quality Pictures

Low quality pictures are a real turn-off for visitors.

6. Pick a Responsive Web Design

You want your visitors to be able to access your pages from any device they use. Plus, you don’t want your website to be pushed down in mobile searches.

7. Insert Buttons

Buttons contain calls to action and let visitors know what they are supposed to do.

8. Break the Text Block

Text blocks are boring. People don’t have the patience to follow line after line. Internet users usually skim through the text. Make it easier for them to grasp the information at a glance.

9. Pick a Color Scheme

Colors are meaningful design elements that can be used strategically. Before you start designing your website, decide on a color scheme.

10. Think About User Experience

Whether it’s about picking the color scheme or designing the buttons, always keep in mind the user’s experience while browsing your pages.

Refining your web design is as easy as that. Follow these simple steps and your website’s look will definitely improve.