Some people take up blogging because they have something important to say. Others just because it’s trendy and cool. No matter what your motivation, you’ll soon discover that blogging takes a lot of your time. If you don’t do something to monetize your blog, you might reach the conclusion it is not worth your time.

So, if sharing your thoughts with the world via your blog is something you like doing, here are a few ways to make some money out of it:

1. Affiliate marketing

Placing affiliate links on your blog is a good and efficient way to make some profit while doing what you like and writing about the things you love.

2. Advertising

Whether you register with an advertising program or sell ads directly, it’s your choice. One thing is certain: advertising can turn into a true cash cow if your blog attracts a large audience.

3. Reviews

Some bloggers get paid to review products and services, and share their opinion with their readers. Be careful though not to become too sales-orientated!

4. Membership program

If you have a huge readership, you might think of a membership program, allowing access to certain parts of your blog only to paying members.

5. Speaking gigs and consulting services

There’s no denying that these days the biggest bloggers are superstars! If you’re lucky (or good) enough to make the big time then a whole world of profitable opportunities could open up for you – offline as well as online.

The best website builders make it easy for you to set up a blog, and offer a whole range of tools to allow you to expand your site’s functionality as your audience grows. We know how popular website builders are for blogging, so we’ve compiled a special Top 5 list of the best blog builders.