Are you starting to feel that the website design you used to love is starting to look a little stale? Web design is changing constantly, and it can have a real impact on how long visitors stay on your site.

If you’re ready for a site refresh, here are five ideas to consider::

1. De-cluttering

It’s time for spring cleaning! Start de-cluttering! Simplicity works best with website design. Use white space generously and pick a font that’s easy to read across all devices and browsers.

2. UX testing

Whether it’s the design or the structure of the website you’re worried about, a bit of human feedback will certainly help you come up with some fresh ideas. Ask your friends to help you. If you want to go even further, it might be useful to canvas the opinions of your most loyal customers.

3. Use color psychology

If you are already redesigning your website, how about a switch to a neutral colour palette? Avoid throwing colors around with giddy abandon and instead use dashes of color to highlight important content.

4. Call-to-action above the fold

That’s another golden rule of website design. First of all, don’t forget to add a call-to-action (CTA). You should know exactly what you want visitors to do on every page of your website. So, make sure to make it obvious to them with a clear CTA. Then, place it above the fold. Many people close a page before hitting the scroll.

5. Use high-quality pictures

An image is worth a thousand words, remember? Indeed, but a high-quality one might cover for ten thousand!

Are you ready to refresh your website? Maybe it’s time to pick a different site builder too!