Video is a powerful marketing tool you can use to promote your products, generate leads and boost sales via the internet.

Most website builders offer user-friendly video plugin tools, making it really easy to incorporate multimedia in your site, so there’s no excuse.

If you’re new to the idea of video marketing, here are a few tips on how to use video content on your website:

Vlog Posts

Blogging is nice, but illustrating your words with a video is even better. The most popular vloggers get millions of views, and there’s always space for new voices. Get creative and think about topics that a video could cover better than a block of text.

Tutorial Videos

People simply love tutorials. They’re explanatory, visual and straightforward. Without sounding to salesy, don’t forget to mention your product!

About Us Video

Have you got an excellent About Us page? If not, why not spice things up with a video. What if you are a service provider? Then, you can make a personalized video, addressing your potential customers directly and telling them all about your skills and abilities.

Media Mentions

Has your brand been mentioned on TV? There you have it! Insert that video on your website, and you can be sure it will work wonders for you.


You thought Google is the most powerful search engine? YouTube is even better! Why? Because of the targeted traffic it is bringing. So, what are you waiting for? Upload all those videos you made for various purposes to your YouTube channel, and don’t forget to include a link to your website in the description.

It’s time to get creative and start making some nice video content for your website! You haven’t built it yet? Check our pick of the best website builders available right now.