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Now that there are so many amazing website builders on the market, the question of how starting a blog free is a much simpler one to answer. Even a complete lack of technical and design skills – or even knowledge – won’t prevent you from creating a free blog and getting your free blog live within a few hours.

Site builders really have lowered the barrier to entry, which is great, but there are still many more failed blogs than successful ones. So, in this article, we’re going to take a look at what it takes to rise above the rest to become a great blogger.

There are thousands of blogs on the Internet today, so first, before you learn how to create a blog for free, you need to decide what you want to blog about. A free blog is a great way to increase traffic to your website, and starting a free blog is as easy as can be today, with most website builders providing easy-to-use features for adding elements to your website, such as a blog! Depending on your interests and expertise, some of the most popular blog themes today involve travel tips, food and recipe blogs, personal blogs, political blogs, and more.

There are many website builders available, and some are included in our list of the best free blog sites. These include Wix, of course, as well as SiteBuilder, Site123, and more. The list of the best free blog sites takes into account the ease of creating the blog, the wide range of templates, beautiful design, and more. You can read our full reviews of these website builders as well as others here.

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Recommended Website Builders

These are some of the most recommended website builders for blogs that include free plan options:

Optimize Your Blog

You can write amazing posts and have brilliant ideas when starting a free blog, but all will be for nothing if no one reads your blog. This is why, when starting a blog free, you should invest time in learning how to use keyword research tools in order to optimize your blog design for the main search engines. There are quite a few good keyword generators and comparison tools available free of charge, and one of them comes from Google itself. Although aimed at AdWords users, you can use it gain real insights into the terms your audience are searching for, and make use of those insights to create optimized content for your blog. Many website builders offer SEO tools that you can utilize to increase traffic to your blog.

Take Notes

If you are one of those bloggers who is often struck by inspiration when they are away from their computer, it is best you develop a note-taking system. Starting a blog free will take time and effort to gather all your ideas. You can carry an old-fashioned notebook in your bag, or download one of the many notes apps available for your smartphone. Once back at your desk, go through the notes and see what you are in the mood to write today. This way, you will never be at a loss for ideas, especially after learning how to create a blog for free.

Post Regularly

Posting engaging content regularly is important if you plan to write a blog! You should not have an irregular posting schedule — 10 times in one month, twice in the next month — if you want to keep your readers engaged and coming back! You may want to create a content calendar so that you can have an easier time of sticking to a schedule. You can even write a few blog posts at once and then schedule them to post on different dates rather than posting them all immediately.

Keep Track of Your Most Popular Posts

Once starting your blog free, you’ll learn that your dashboard can turn into a priceless source of inspiration and represent your guiding light when creating a free blog. Check which of your previously published posts received the most visits. Isn’t there an adjacent topic you can write on? Use the same keywords, but present things from a different perspective. Or, maybe that post needs some updating so that the content doesn’t become obsolete!

Follow Other Blogs in Your Niche

Taking a look around at what happens in the blogosphere does not mean cheating. Nobody says you have to copy, but when learning how to start a free blog, you need to look for inspiration! The only way to start a free blog is to learn from others in your niche. Once you find the topic for your next blog post, do your own research, express your own opinions, and write everything in your own words. You can totally disagree with others’ views and even express controversial opinions. Anyway, a great blogger has a position on important topics in their area of interest. Nobody’s going to bookmark your site just because you’re a nice person!

Engage With Your Blog’s Visitors

The comments people leave on your posts are a valuable source of inspiration. Many successful bloggers use visitors’ comments in order to come up with new ideas. Put yourself in your followers’ shoes. You read a post, leave a comment, and, when you return to the same blog sometime later, you find a whole page on the topic. Don’t you feel good? The respective blogger really appreciated your words. Won’t you come back again? If the idea does not give you enough meat for a whole post, at least have the courtesy to answer your visitor, even if just by saying thank you. When learning how to create a blog for free, paying attention to engagement is an invaluable thing to learn. To encourage your followers to comment more, try asking relevant questions at the end of your post.

Share Your Posts

Take advantage of the power of social media to share your blog posts. If you have a Facebook business page, Instagram account, or Twitter feed, these are perfect places to share links to your blog. You can also add social media share buttons to the bottom of each blog post so that readers can easily share them with their friends. In this way, you’ll grow your audience. If you build a subscribers’ list, you should send them a notification when you’ve published new content.

Check out the comparison table above to find the best free blog sites, and pick the one that works for your needs!

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