The Importance Of An Online Portfolio

The world has gone digital. This is not news to anyone. Together with this, other social changes have occurred, including the way people do their grocery shopping, hunt for bargains, spend their free time, read, stay in touch with each other, interact, look for a job or for new freelancing opportunities.

This is why having an online portfolio is of the utmost importance nowadays. If you deal in one of those fields where showcasing your talent on the web is possible, then you must really consider creating your virtual gallery a top priority. Here is why:

Make Your Name Available in Search

What do prospective employers or recruitment agencies do to check the facts listed within a resume? They search online! Be prepared for that! When they enter your name in an online search portal, they will soon land on your online portfolio’s pages, and see for themselves that you know your job inside out. If you have a dedicated website where you showcase your online portfolio, that’s even better! Not only does it look more professionally, but it will pop up first in search, and this will boost your credibility.

Allow Potential Customers or Employers To Examine Your Work

How many times were you called up for endless interviews and time consuming tests? Now you don’t need to waste your time anymore! Your potential employers and prospective customers can check out your work via your online portfolio. No more strategies to convince them you are the right guy for the job. Your work speaks for itself! Any interested party can see what skills you master, and what you can do with them in the split of a second.

When looking for a photographer, for instance, people want to see examples of your previous work. Words alone are not enough. All you need to do to convince them that you’re the right person for the job is a well-designed and informative website full of carefully placed words together with gorgeous photographs showcasing your work, skills and abilities.

Portfolio Builders

Use Past Projects as a Bait to Land New Jobs

If you are a freelancer, you know it already: there is no better recommendation than a satisfied customer’s testimonial; there is no better proof for your professionalism than showcasing your past projects.

Suppose you are a web designer, you can build up an online portfolio displaying the work you are most proud of. Then, optimize it for the keywords potential customers might use when looking for someone to take care of a similar job, and let your designs do the rest for you. If you want to improve your online visibility even further, you can ask former customers to give you credit for your work on their own websites.


The importance of an online portfolio is not to be underestimated in today’s world, especially if you deal in one of the heavily digitalized sectors of activity. It’s the best way to showcase your skills and the most powerful marketing tool you can possibly have at your disposal!

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