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  • author: Eric Renfro
  • 06.01.19
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XPRS is a drag-and-drop website builder that wants to change the website building experience and make it simple and fun. XPRS states that building websites should be accessible to everyone who needs it, which includes regular internet users who don’t have any technical ability or knowledge of programming languages.
XPRS was created by IM Creator, a relatively new company that was established in 2011. However, it is powered by Google and Amazon – big names that should provide XPRS with stability.

Unlike other drag-and-drop website builders, XPRS bring something new to the table – polydoms. Programming languages such as HTML are written in a linear order. However, polydoms allow users to create different forms of content that know how to connect to each other. The structural flow is simple. You move from building elements to items, sections, pages, and the entire site, and everything comes together. XPRS claims that this will allow you to build websites more quickly while still allowing you to endlessly change the designs and layouts from an endless selection.

However, a lot of people use WordPress and programming languages for a reason. It allows for greater flexibility in building websites. Let’s find out if XPRS can compete with them.

Plans & Pricing

Students, artists, and non-profits can register completely free of charge.

Premium account: For a commercial subscription (Premium Account), you need to pay only $8 per month to receive unmetered hosting, access to all themes, eCommerce, and more which is an amazing offer!

Unlimited access: For $350 annually, the Unlimited Licenses & White label package which offers you a reseller control panel, white-label as well as Unlimited licenses for your clients. It’s the perfect package for:

  • Web-designers
  • Hosting Companies
  • Resellers
  • White Labels

Unlimited access

Features & Functionality


IM XPRS website builder comes with an SEO option built into it. This will allow your site to appear on search engines, making it easier for users to find it. You simply add a description of your website for the search engines, along with a title and keywords, and you can add a social image preview. If you want to keep the website private, you can also hide it from all search engines.

Phone App

Not only can you create a site that is compatible with phones, but you can also use IM XPRS website builder on your phone. At the moment, the app is only available for iPhone users, who can simply download XPRS’s app from their app store. Just scan the barcode that appears in the site’s app section and you’re good to go. Now you can add content, pictures, blogs, and products to your site so it can be up to date at all times.

Hosting and Domain

XPRS gives you unmetered hosting and connects your domain all in one simple process. Unfortunately, you can’t host your site somewhere else. However, there is no need to worry about bandwidth or storage as websites built with IM XPRS or IM Creator are hosted on Google and Amazon secure servers.


If you want to build an eCommerce site, XPRS’s offering is solid. All you need to do is add a price tag to an item, and that’s it, your online store is ready. XPRS also provides you with credit-card checkouts, analytics, and a management console. Like with any e-commerce site, don’t forget to check out the fees and commissions.

Design & Templates


When you start building a site with XPRS the first thing you need to do is choose a theme, which is also referred to as a template. XPRS has many themes that are designed to fit the various needs of users.

The themes are divided into main categories according to subjects such as business, stores, restaurants, fashion, landing pages, portfolio, and more. This allows you to choose a theme that fits your needs. If you want to build a site for a business or a hobby, all you need to do is choose the corresponding subject. Within each subject, you can choose one of the many themes that are available. The themes have preview pictures, and conveniently display a preview of a phone version of the theme. Some website builders may offer a larger selection, but XPRS was designed to keep the process of site building simple, not overwhelming, and at the same time as inclusive as possible.

After choosing your theme you can go right ahead and customize the theme to your needs. You can change the background picture (and then edit it with filters, crop it, change shades, or simply choose a picture from the large selection offered to you), fonts and sizes, and colors (the site also offers a color pallet for each theme for people who aren’t good at matching colors). You can basically change anything in the theme by clicking it. You can add text, links, and even sell products. The process of customizing will remind you of using Microsoft Word, that’s how simple it is.

You can see a preview of how your website will appear on desktop, tablets, and phones – which is fantastic! You can also edit the tablet and phone displays separately from the desktop version to make sure that your website will fit the input style, and screens, of each device.


XPRS has a selection of page layouts that will help you create a basic structure for your pages. However, it does require an eye for small details as it has many selection options, and you can click anywhere to change or edit whatever you press on. There’s no limit on the number of pages you can add to your site.

The page design possibilities are satisfactory. You can design pages easily, write wherever and however you want, and add pictures (uploading is limited to 5MB) and videos, although there were some difficulties adding ‘YouTube’ videos.
You can even have a video as a background on your page. You can change the size of a section by defining it by numbers or simply drag it conveniently.

If you really want to add programming languages, XPRS supports HTML. You can go into ‘Pro Settings’ and insert HTML. You can find the HTML on the “elements” tab or simply press on the “+” sign. So you still have the advantages of using a programming language in a drag-and-drop website builder.

You can also easily add links to your social media. You have the option to add almost all social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and more. All you need to do is choose. Users can also share your site on social media.
In addition, you have control over the social media symbol. You can choose to have the Facebook logo appear as a square, circle, or even black or gray, smaller or bigger – whatever you please.  You have control over the smallest details. You can also add a chat to your website to increase interactivity with users.

Customer Support

In terms of customer support, IM Creator and IM XPRS offer several options. They offer a section of How-To articles which cover such topic categories as getting started, billing questions, editing, and tips and tricks. Another page covers FAQs. There is also a community forum, however, it does not appear too active. If you can’t find your answer on any of these pages or through their downloadable manual, you can also submit a question or request for help via a form on their website. IM Creator guarantees that they will get back to you within 48-72 hours if you have a free account, or within 1-12 hours if you have a paid account. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a phone number to call for immediate assistance, so hopefully, you won’t have any issue that is too urgent.

Pros & Cons

  • Built-in SEO options.
  • Mobile application to build your website.
  • Connect your domain and get your hosting up and running in no time.
  • Professional e-commerce features.
  • Unlimited hosting and bandwidth.
  • The free version comes with a lot of never-ending pop-up advertisements.
  • Changing templates once your website is published requires re-insertion of all content.

Ease of Use

IM Creator has a very neat, simple and easy to use user interface which contains a variety of easily accessible features. If you want to change a theme that you began your website building process with, then you can do that easily as well. Overall, it’s very simple to create great-looking pages without any unique abilities or prior knowledge. A mildly experienced person should be able to complete a basic website within a matter of hours.

  • Email
    Yes – via submitting a ticket first
  • Video Tutorials
    Yes – on YouTube
  • FAQ
    Yes - common questions & answers regarding the service, including How Tos.
  • Blog
    Yes - Designers’ Business, Web Design, Web Design Resources, Design Inspiration as well as Design Tips

Final Word

IM Creator XPRS offers a simple and fun website builder for people with no technical abilities or knowledge in programming languages. Once you get used to the design of the website builder, it is simple to create a website to serve almost any purpose. And as it continues to develop we’re likely to see many more options available to users. XPRS delivers on its promise to make website building a simple task that anyone can perform.

Eric Renfro

Eric is a master when it comes to web development. With seven years of experience, Eric has successfully assisted numerous well-known companies and individuals create and develop their desired websites. He is a contributing writer to the Top 5 Website Builders blog.

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