Advantages Of Adding Your Wix Website To Google Search Console

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Let’s face it. When it comes to any type of search on the internet from ‘how to create a website for free’ to ‘how to start a blog free’, Google is the go-to you’re headed for. There’s no point fiddling with other search engines. Google is your number one. It’s kind of asking yourself the rhetorical question ‘why try out the Volkswagen when the Ferrari is going to get you to your destination much faster.’

Google scans, indexes, interprets and categorizes every website in the world. By doing this, it helps people find the sites that are most relevant to them. In order for this to happen, Google has certain standards to make sure that people in charge of websites are following them. These apply even to free websites.

Google, therefore, created ‘Google Search Console’. This was formerly known as ‘Webmaster Tools’. It is easily referred to as ‘GSC’. It’s Google’s free direct line of communication with people who own websites.

It’s definitely a tool to take advantage of. Even if you never actually sign up for it, your website will still be indexed by Google. But you will be provided with really important information by having your website linked up to GSC.

What Exactly Is Google Search Console (GSC)?

GSC gives you an inside look at the way in which Google views your website. You will be able to find out:

  • How often (and the position) your website appears in search results
  • Which keywords people are looking for when your site appears
  • When visitors click from Google to your site
  • Whether your website is showing up in searches on mobile devices or desktop computers
  • Which pages on your site are the most popular
  • All about and how to fix website errors
  • How to submit a sitemap and much more

The Two Main Categories Of GSC Info

  1. How Google sees your site:
  • Are all of your pages being crawled by Google’s bots?
  • Has Google scanned your site recently and taken note of any new updates?
  • Has it run into any problems while crawling your site?
  1. Get Information To optimize Your SEO:
  • By noting when your website shows up in searches
  • Learning who links to your site
  • Discovering which keywords bring you the most traffic
  • Use GSC to discover new potential keywords that you may not be tapping into

What GSC Will Do For Your Business

Obviously, you own a website because you want as much traffic hitting your website as possible. GSC alerts you to any kinds of mistakes and errors on your site and helps you understand what is and isn’t working in relation to SEO. By having this extremely valuable information, you can be proactive in improving how your site performs in searches.

Therefore, the information provided to you via GSC can help you to boost your position on Google!!!

How To Connect Your Site To Google Search Console

How to connect your site to Google Search Console

  1. Start by signing into Google Search Console.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will see a box right next to a red rectangular button which says “Add Property.”
  3. Type in your website’s URL (including the http or https) and click on the red button.
  4. You then have to verify that you are definitely the owner of the website.
  5. To do so, check to make sure that the ‘Recommended Method’ is HTML tag.
  6. If not, click on the tab that says “Alternate Methods” and it should be there.
  7. Once you find the HTML tag, highlight and copy the meta tag code that’s listed.
  8. In a new tab sign into your Wix
  9. Click on ‘Manage Site’ and then ‘Edit Site.’
  10. Next, click ‘Site’ from the top bar of your ‘Editor’ and select ‘Site Manager’ from the drop-down menu.
  11. Then, click on the ‘SEO’ tab.
  12. Scroll down to ‘More SEO Settings’ and paste the meta tag code that you copied from GSC into the box under ‘Header Code – Meta Tags’.
  13. Then, save your site.
  14. You will want to then return to GSC and click on the red “Verify” button.
  15. Now, you are done!

Ready, Set, Go!

Now that your website is connected to GSC here are the important things you need to know:

  1. Start by submitting your sitemap (file listing all of the web pages of your site). By submitting it to GSC, you help Google understand the organization of your website so that the search engine can accurately crawl and index your site.
  • In order to submit your Wix sitemap, go to GSC and select your site.
  • You are then going to click on ‘Crawl’ and on ‘Sitemaps.’
  • Select Add/Test Sitemap and then type sitemap.xml into the box next to your domain.
  • Click ‘submit’ and that’s it!
  1. Find out how often Google crawls your site. It’s important to note that Google crawls sites more frequently if they receive a lot of traffic or are updated on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep your content fresh!
  2. Ask Google to crawl a new page. Google does really well at finding and crawling every site on the web, but it can take some time for their bots to find a new website or a new page on your site. If you have recently created changes to one of your pages, you are able to invite Google to crawl that specific page. In order to do this:
  • Click on ‘Fetch’ on GSC under ‘Crawl.’
  • Then type in the specific URL and click on ‘Fetch.’
  1. Let Google know where your target audience is located. You can help Google identify your target audience by telling them where in the world your customers are located:
  • Under ‘Search Traffic’, select ‘International Targeting.’
  • Then, pick the country of your choice. (Note that Google will automatically understand your target language provided that each page on your site is in only one)
  1. Find out who links to your site. Links from other websites are great for SEO. In order to view a list of websites that link to yours:
  • Click on ‘Links to Your Site’ under ‘Search Traffic.’ Take note which ones are new clicks and which ones you rank high for. If a certain query has a good CTR (clickthrough rate) or a high position on a SERP (search engine’s result page) it will be a keyword you want to promote more on your site.
  1. Find out your website’s mobile vs. desktop searches.
  2. Find out if there are any errors on your website. Google uses GSC to alert you to any problems they have encountered on your site. Most of these errors are not a big deal so you needn’t stress about them. Wix makes sure that all of the pages on your site work well. If you notice an error on one of your pages, visit the page and see if everything looks ok. If everything looks great, you can mark the error as ‘fixed’. If an error reoccurs you needn’t worry as you just need to head over to Wix Support to learn how to deal with it.

Final Word

Hopefully this information provided here will encourage you to add your Wix website to Google Search Console and use all the amazing tools it gives you to help you maximize your website and business to its fullest potential!

Eric Renfro

Eric is a master when it comes to web development. With seven years of experience, Eric has successfully assisted numerous well-known companies and individuals create and develop their desired websites. He is a contributing writer to the Top 5 Website Builders blog.

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