Wix Review

flag Over 1000 innovative features available for you
  • Explore 900+ designer-made templates

  • Designed for SEO optimization

  • 24/7 enterprise support

  • Mobile app to manage your site on the go

Pros & Cons

  • Central dashboard
  • Powerful Wix editor
  • Create your own email templates
  • Auto-generated mobile website
  • Powerful SEO features
  • No live chat support - just ticketing service and phone support

Plans & Pricing

Wix’s extremely flexible freemium business model allows you to get to grips with the platform’s functionality before upgrading to a paid subscription.

The Free Plan gives you access to the complete platform with all the templates. You can launch a site without spending a cent, but you’ll be restricted to a subdomain, and you won’t be able to remove the Wix banner from your site. Bandwidth and storage are also limited but overall, there’s no better way to discover if Wix is the website builder for you.

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Wix is one of the most popular website builders today, and it’s not a surprise when you see the impressive site-building capabilities and the beautiful templates that you can choose from. There are a large number of built-in features that let you open an online store, set up online scheduling for appointments and classes, showcase your portfolio, take online payments and more.


  • "Price"
    8.5 /10
  • "Features"
    10 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    10 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Features & Functionality

Mobile Optimization

All of the Wix templates are optimized for mobile, but they are not responsive. This means that after you’ve finished working on your website, you will have to work on your mobile site separately to make sure that everything looks good. It is very easy to do but does require additional time and effort which could have been avoided if the templates were 100% responsive.

To edit your mobile site, you simply switch to the mobile editor and you’ll be able to see what your website looks like on a mobile phone.
You can edit the mobile site with the same flexibility and control as the regular site builder, and choose different items you’d like to show or hide when your site is viewed on a smartphone.

As of April 2019, Wix has released exciting new mobile design features. Now, just for mobile, you can create a branded welcome screen to showcase your personal brand. You can also offer a custom mobile menu and add lively animations that are designed especially for the mobile experience. You’ll have fun playing with the new mobile layout for gallery images as well as adding image animations and hover effects that will catch your site visitors’ eyes.

SEO Tools & Marketing

Search engine optimization is crucial, and Wix sites offer a robust infrastructure and a comprehensive suite of advanced SEO tools to enhance your organic search competitiveness. Additionally, Wix provides a personalized step-by-step SEO plan to assist you in getting started, and you can connect your site to Google within seconds. With Wix, you not only benefit from top-notch SEO capabilities but also enjoy the highest level of security, reliability, and abundant opportunities for product and marketing integration.

In addition, you have the App Market. Because Wix has a market where you can search for and add apps, you can add many SEO and marketing apps that will help you promote your website in search engines and market it to your target audience. Some apps are available for free while others have premium features that require a one-time fee or subscription.

There’s a powerful set of built-in marketing tools that let you create AI-driven campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, send out eye-catching emails, or create promotional videos.

Social Media Tools

There are built-in social media tools in the Wix site builder, including a social media bar, feeds, and like and share buttons. You can also create your own social posts right from the dashboard. If you want more complex or different features, you can visit the App Market where you can browse dozens of social media apps that you could use.


Setting up a store on Wix is pretty fast. You simply click Add and then Store. You’ll be able to easily add and edit endless products and collections. You get to choose from a wide variety of payment options, including Wix Payments, Wix’s native payment provider, plus over 50 payment gateways worldwide, like Stripe, PayPal and local solutions. With Wix Editor and Editor X you have full design control. You can customize your storefront, cart and checkout with features like Quick View, Wishlist, Buy Now, and Add to Cart buttons. To start selling and accepting payments, you need to upgrade to the eCommerce package.

Wix’s latest eCommerce features include:

  • Sell on Amazon: Add Amazon as a sales channel to your Wix sStore and manage orders and inventory from your Wix dashboard.
  • Wix Owner app: Download the app to chat with your customers in real time, track analytics and run your business on the go.
  • Wix Point of Sale: SellStreamline your online and in-store with Wix POS. You’ll be able to review and manage your entire inventory, all sales, payments, analytics and more—wherever you sell.
  • Gift cards: Add Gifted to your site to start offering gift cards on your online store.
  • Buy now, pay later (BNPL): Add Afterpay, Affirm, Sezzle and more to let your customers pay over time while you get paid upfront in full.
  • Order fulfillment: Use Shippo or Shipstation to efficiently manage your orders and print shipping labels at competitive rates.
  • Inventory: Set your store settings to automatically update your stock levels when an order is placed.
  • Product Subscriptions: Get a steady source of revenue with product subscriptions.

Apps and Plug-ins

Wix has an App Market where you can browse loads of different apps by Wix and its partner companies. You can browse apps by category or search for a specific app or feature that you want. Some apps are free, while others have additional premium features that require a fee. Many of the available apps are quite useful, like the MailChimp app for collecting subscribers, or the Facebook Like Popup that engages your visitors with a popup and asks them to like you on Facebook.

Wix Security

Wix Security benefits include:

Dedicated World Class Expert security team – 24/7 – Security at Wix is fully managed so your only focus and concern is running your business. Wix’s dedicated team of experts is responsible for monitoring and optimizing Wix infrastructure and security solutions around the clock to prevent and detect any vulnerabilities and potential attacks.

Operate on a holistic security framework: Prevention, detection, response

Compliant with the highest industry standard– Wix conducts regular audits and attains the highest international security standard of certificates and compliance for its platform and users regarding user privacy and data protection.

Secure payments– Every Wix eCommerce site is compliant by default with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Wix eCommerce provides merchants and buyers with secure checkouts and payment methods ensuring they are protected from fraud and risk activities—allowing merchants to choose from 50+ secure payment providers. Secure payments: Every Wix eCommerce site is compliant by default with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Wix eCommerce provides merchants and buyers with secure checkouts and payment methods ensuring they are protected from fraud and risk activities—allowing merchants to choose from 50+ secure payment providers.

Wix Enterprise-Trusted Reliability

Every Wix site is built on Wix’s powerful, highly resilient infrastructure, which processes more than 3.8 billion requests a day. Wix’s infrastructure currently empowers more than 200 million businesses and enterprises worldwide. And it is fully managed and maintained by Wix, with no extra steps required by users.

Wix’s reliability is shown in the following ways:

  • 99.98%  Uptime
  • Enterprise-grade Infrastructure
  • Automatic Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-cloud Hosting
  • Zero User Maintenance
  • DDoS Protection
  • Built-in Backups

Design & Templates

Wix has quite a lot of templates to choose from and they are all divided into many different categories, which is a good thing because browsing all of them would take a few hours.

You can browse and customize a template, or you can start from a completely blank canvas.

The range of template categories are:

  • Accommodation
  • Blog
  • Business
  • Community & Education
  • Creative Arts
  • Design
  • Events
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Health & Wellness
  • Landing Pages
  • Music
  • Online Store
  • Photography
  • Portfolio & CV
  • Restaurants & Food

Ease of Use

Wix provides its users with pretty comprehensive support. If you visit the Help Center, you can browse and search for detailed tutorials to find the answers you’re looking for. You can also look through their FAQs or reach out to support if you still need assistance.

There is no option to contact them directly via phone but if you reach out by chat or email, you’ll get a callback or online response from someone at Wix fairly quickly (a few hours) and they are very helpful and eager to solve your problem.

Pricing Boxes UK


Customer Support

You don’t need specific technical experience to create a professional site on Wix, but there is the option to use advanced code capabilities if you choose. The design capability is unlimited – although you can still create unique and standout designs without previous expertise.

The Wix site builder is extremely intuitive and even includes the standard “CTRL+Z” to undo recent actions. With Wix, you simply click an item and drag it anywhere on the screen. You can also double-click items to edit them or hover over them to see menu buttons that you can click for customization options.

Each website is divided into different sections. The header and footer can be seen on all pages, and anything you drag there will also be visible on every page. You can drag the footer or header borderline in order to make them smaller or bigger. If you move something outside of the content area, you’ll be notified, so don’t worry about that.

Because of the complete control when dragging items, make sure to pay attention to the gridlines that appear when an item you’re dragging is aligned with something.

The flexibility that Wix allows over individual design elements is great. Because you cannot transfer your website to a new template once you start building, it’s important to take your time in deciding which template is right for you before getting started.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    There is support at all times on the site
  • Phone Support
    There is now 24/7 support in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Call centers are open from Monday-Thursday 5:00am – 5:00pm (PST)*. Wix offers phone support in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Also supported in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian. Option to request a callback is available. VIP plan holders can contact VIP support. Premium users receive faster responses
  • Video Tutorials
    Wix offers video tutorials on its website.
  • FAQ
    They don't have an actual FAQ page, but they have an Online Help Center which is the go-to place for any and all questions you may have. It is so comprehensive that chances are you’ll find exactly what you came for with just one simple search, and you can enter a question in the search.
  • Community Forum
    Wix has various different community forums available for different topics.
  • Blog
    Wix posts regularly about how to market your site, design tips, specific niches and how to create better websites, etc.

Final Word

Wix is an excellent site builder and its popularity is well-earned—its comprehensive integrated features provide great solutions for all types of business needs. You get complete control over every aspect of the site without complicated technical features. Those who want to code, they’ll have access to advanced code capabilities. The tools available are extensive and let you create a really professional-looking and functional site.


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Karen Hayoun

Karen is a copywriter and social media strategist with extensive experience working with small businesses and corporations, both B2B and B2C. With her expertise in online marketing and knowledge of website creation, there’s no better person to turn to if you want to craft an incredible website that gets noticed.

We make the best effort to present up-to-date information; however, the terms of each offer can be revised according to the service provider’s discretion. The above shall not be considered as an expert or professional advice for any matter.

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Questions & Answers


About choosing a template: Can you change the template while building the site?

With Wix, you can always choose a new template but note that you'll have to start building your site from scratch.

Does Wix support affiliate marketing/Amazon blocks?

Yes, Wix does support affiliate marketing, including via Amazon.
jarrod hollins

I have a small business- barbershop- and want to know if you have anything geared towards that field.

Yes, Wix has several templates specifically for barbershops! Click on the link to Wix in the review, and then once you are on the Wix site, click "Templates." On the left, choose the template category "Fashion & Beauty," and under that, you will find an option to narrow the templates to "Hair & Beauty." You can then choose the template that you prefer for your barbershop.
Shane Alcorn

Do you charge a fee after the site is developed and doing well? What are your fees each year?

No, Wix does not charge a fee based on your website's performance. There are different packages available at different price points, however, you can continue to use the free version of Wix as well.

Prior to committing to the published state and going online, can I just try the uploading of video and/or audio features of my unpublished site before publishing?

Yes, you can preview your site before publishing.
Troy Werlty

Do any of your plans include email accounts for employees?

Wix plans all include the option to create a personalized business email address for an additional fee that varies depending on how many employees you want to have email addresses for and what type of plan you choose (monthly versus yearly). When you sign up to the premium plan of your choice, simply add "purchase mailbox."
Denise Hammack

I’m looking for a personal blogging platform. Is Wix good for that?

Yes, Wix is a great choice for personal blogging. There are more than 50 templates just for blogs, though you can also choose any of our other website templates and opt to add a blog page.
Robeert Koehl

I would like to keep Wix, if I can lower my bill. I don’t need all the extras in the package I have now.

It is possible to change your Premium Plan to one that better suits your needs and budget. To do so, go to Premium Plans in your Wix account. Select the plan that you want, and click Change plan. Wix offers a free plan, in addition to premium plans that start at $4.50 per month.
Johnny Seymour

I’m wanting to make a blog and be able to share the link for friends to view via social media. Can I do that with WiX?

Yes, you can absolutely do this with Wix. There are even social media share buttons on each blog post so that you can easily share it on the social media platform of your choice. Alternatively, you could copy and paste the blog link to your social media page.
Louise Walker

Can Afterpay option be used for customers?

Currently, Afterpay is not one of Wix's payment options, however it may be added in the future. Wix offers numerous other payment options, like PayPal, Square, Stripe, Wirecard, 2Checkout, Moolah, Braintree, and more.
Estela Gonzalez

Can I build a blog for a blind support group?

While Wix does not have a specific blog template for blind support groups, they do offer many blog templates that you can easily customize to meet your needs. Your blind readers can use software (a screen reader) to read your blog and can comment. The free Wix Forum app is a great choice to upgrade the interactive experience on your site. There are many tips that exist for building a blog that makes it easier for blind readers to navigate, such as clearly labeling all buttons, using headings in your blog content, and clearly labeling your comment forms.
Johnie Brown

Can clients order product directly off of the website? Thanks

Yes, clients can order products directly from the website.
trisha petersen

Hi, I have a few questions, Do you have a payment for your services option and a pay per click option? Also is product sales an option and what do you provide for SMB and SMO?

You can certainly sell products and services on your Wix website. Your customers can pay directly on the site. Wix offers numerous plans at different price points to suit different people's needs, including three business plans that can be good for SMB and SMO. Regarding PPC, there are a few different ways to set up ads on your Wix site, as well as tracking and analytical tools.
Susanne Morris

Do you have templates for dog grooming businesses?

Wix offers a variety of templates for animal care services. For dog grooming, you may like the "Pet Care" template which has a "grooming" page. You can edit the template to further fit your needs.

Can I link to a courier app?

Wix offers hundreds of apps in their App Market (https://www.wix.com/app-market/category/all-apps). If you are selling products online, you can choose from multiple shipping options such as local pickup, airmail, door-to-door, express mail, and standard shipping. If you simply want to add a link to your Wix website, it is a very simple process done by clicking the hyperlink icon.

Do you offer templates for counselling practices?

Yes, Wix offers templates for counseling services.

Looking for a fundraiser web page. Non profit for a group of kids and their parents to raise funds to go to the Olympics.

Wix offers several templates for nonprofits, including for fundraising. Check https://www.wix.com/website/templates/html/community-education/religion-non-profit for ideas.
Jim Brown

Can I connect my PayPal account and can the sites be built and updated with an iPad?

Yes, you can connect a PayPal account to your Wix site. Wix ADI sites can be edited from mobile devices with the Wix Mobile app or Wix on Mobile. If you do not have a Wix ADI site, it cannot be edited on a mobile device/tablet.
Ralph Roosevelt

With the Combo Plan, can I choose my own domain name, and will that cost more?

The Wix Combo plan includes free domain name for a year. You would choose your domain name.
P Moran

Do you have templates for a veterans organization?

While Wix does not have a specific template just for veteran organizations, they do offer many templates for community organizations and nonprofits in general that you can customize with text and images to match your veteran organization's vision.

Hi when using my own domain name can the extension be anything ? like .lk?

Wix offers dozens of domain extensions but not .lk, which is the domain extension for Sri Lanka.

Is there a template for Elder Care other than the one titled Home Health Care

Yes, there is a template titled Senior Residence in addition to the one titled Home Health Care. You can also edit any of the other templates available to make them fit your needs.

If I want to clone my entire website created on WIX to use with another media can this be saved and used elsewhere?

You can duplicate your Wix site and you can also transfer your Wix site to another account. There are a few limitations, so be sure to read the linked articles.

I have my own events and produce events and develop them as community events. Do you have a template that is customizable for that purpose?

Wix has an entire category of templates geared toward events: https://www.wix.com/website/templates/html/events. All Wix templates are customizable.

Do you have a template for a trucking company/transportation?

Wix offers many templates that you can easily edit, including those for tour operators, mechanics, movers, food trucks, car wash, car dealerships, taxis, travel, and more!
Melissa Kindgren

what the difference in the 3 different packages

There are 3 different regular plans and 3 different business plans available. You can find all of the details about what each plan includes under the Plans & Pricing section of the review. Some differences include the amount of bandwidth and storage, analytics capabilities, access to email campaigns, and more.

1. What do I need to do to take my domain name from my old hosting company and roll it over to you?
2. Do you offer tax templates?

1. Wix provides thorough instructions on their Help Center page to help you connect your domain. To get started, you'll need to add the domain to your Wix Account by selecting "Connect a domain you already own."

2. Wix offers a number of templates for accountants and tax advisors. You'll be able to easily edit these templates to personalize them.
Heather Hillsden

II want to create a site for my different short stories, and add pictures. Does Wix have a template for this? I am a total novice!

You may like one of Wix's many blog templates.
Taylor Scism

With the business unlimited how many domains are included? Also, what are the differences between google analytics, site analytics, and site boosters?

The Business Unlimited plan comes with 1 domain, which is free for a year.

Google Analytics is one form of website data tracking. After you create your Google Analytics account, you'll add the tracking ID to your website. You'll then be able to track data in Google Analytics.

Wix Site Analytics is Wix's own version of website data tracking, which you can access straight from your Wix console. You can use it alone without adding a Google Analytics account.

Site Booster is an app that, rather than providing site data like the above two tools, helps you drive traffic to your site and rank higher in search results.
Eugene E Lossett

What is the best option for a Amazon affiliate website?

You can add Amazon Affiliate links to any of your Wix sites by copying your affiliate link from Amazon and then pasting it in the Wix editor.
DAVID Varnadoe

how much is a e commerce site

Wix offers 3 different business & ecommerce plans to meet your needs. Depending on which plan you choose, prices range from $17 per month to $35 per month.
Noel Lyons

Do you make the website or does someone else make the website?

Wix website builder allows you to easily make your own website! They have hundreds of templates for you to use, and it is very simple to edit text and images to your needs.

is this ideal to start a hair business, and do you guys update and develop it on a monthly basis?

There are templates available just for hair businesses, so Wix would be a great fit for your business idea. Wix always has a team working to improve the product.
Amber Blanchette

I am a social marketer, would you say I would need a business plan or one of the basics?

You should probably consider the Business Basic plan, at least to start. It allows you to accept online business, comes with unlimited bandwidth and 20 GB storage, gives you access to visitor analytics, gives you $75 of ad vouchers, and offers other desirable features as well. The Business Unlimited Plan and Business VIP plans offer more in terms of storage, as well as as professional logo, social media logo files, and other options but they also cost more.

We are interested in setting up a new non-profit site with a XXX.org and include employee emails. Please forward any related packages.
Thank you,

Wix offers a number of different domain extensions, including .org. It also allows you to create custom employee email addresses using your domain. Once you choose your Wix plan, just click on "purchase mailbox" and choose how many mailboxes you want.
Dennis Grant

What are the fees for your domain name after the one year and is that on top of what the subscription price is?

The cost of the domain after the first free year depends on several factors, such as the type of domain extension (.com costs more than less popular domain extensions like .biz) and how many years you choose to sign up for (you'll receive a discount for signing up for a longer period of time). The price usually is around $14.95/year.
Daniel Cousins

Looking to build a website for our Mended Hearts Chapter. Want to let the community what we are doing, our monthly meetings, encourage patients to join and work with the chapter. Also let the public know who and what Mended Hearts is and about.

Wix is a great choice for your needs. They offer website templates for community and nonprofit organizations. You can also send out email newsletters from your Wix website and include a calendar of your events so that everyone will be aware of your monthly meetings.
Barbara J Duell

My website needs help. If I change to Wix, and build a new site, probably VIP or higher, what about browser? I own my domain.

If you own your own domain, you can easily transfer it to Wix. It should work on any internet browser, including on mobile.
Jim Leigh

I am looking for vacation rental template that can handle multiple properties. The template villa Aphrodite looks nice but appears to only support a single property listing. Suggestions?

You can edit the template to add multiple property listings.
jerry martin

wanting to open a horse farm boarding stable.are there templates for this kind of business?


You can easily edit any templates that Wix offers to suit your individual needs. Wix does have a template already designed for equestrian centers.

Richard Curry

I am trying to promote my first book on less than a shoestring budget. Would the basic business plan from WIX let me put up links to other sites to purchase the book? Could I sell short stories that I did not wish to run through the publisher from my WIX created site?

Yes, the Wix Business Basic plan allows you to add links. You can also sell your short stories and accept online payments through your Wix website.
Jadwiga Beyger

I make clothes at home is good for me to make website on blog

If you are looking to sell your homemade clothes online, then you should set up an online store. If you just want to tell the world about your homemade clothes and perhaps give instructions on how to make their own, a blog would be a great idea.
Jodie Hodgkins

Can I integrate a booking system/app on my website?

Yes, and Wix even offers its own booking system that you can use on the site!
angela cromie

Can you cancel at anytime


Hi Angela,

Yes, you can cancel at any time. If you decide to cancel after the 14-day trial period, the automatic renewal will be disabled, but your plan will continue to be active until it reaches its expiration date. Should you change your mind before the expiration date, you have the option to reactivate the auto-renewal at any time.

Lauren Gill

Can Wix retrieve my Domain name from my previous site that I want to close out?

You can transfer a domain you already own to your new Wix site.
Julie O

Do any of your plans include an SSL certificate?

Yes, all Wix sites come with SSL.

can I
1. use a blank page and type my own text on it
2. use my own pictures on the page
3. organise/buy a domain name through you
4. use your connections to host the website
all with the Combo Plan ?

Yes, you can do all of these things with the Wix Combo Plan.
Phenton Ng’ethe

Do you have a template for proofreading/copy editing?

Yes, Wix offers several templates for copy editing services.
michelle Collins

I already have a website for my Nail salon business, but due to covid -19 , salon has not been able to open since march 20th. With uncertainty of future business outlook, I plan to sell nail products online for our existing clients or selling to the public. Basically the customers can purchase products directly. Can I still use my own domain and IP address? Also will you be able to set up mobile optimisation ? Please can I ask if you can help on this ?

Yes, you can use the same domain! You may need a different plan, however, to accept payments through your website. Wix websites are mobile-optimized already. I recommend that you contact Wix customer support to help you with getting your new business ready to go. https://support.wix.com/en/
Nancy J Olson

Are there any tutorial videos to watch. I am new to this and need to learn more before jumping in.

Yes, Wix offers a number of tutorial videos on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Wix.
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