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flag Used by 179,000 small business owners
  • No coding or design experience required

  • Create a website within minutes

  • Simple drag & drop approach

  • Live preview of your website

Pros & Cons

  • Inexpensive monthly subscription plans
  • Only costs $1 to get started
  • Includes automatic sitemapping & SEO optimization features
  • Works with popular integration tools like Mailchimp & Google Calendar
  • No live chat support

Plans & Pricing

Webador’s decision to offer a freemium subscription model alongside a three-tier budget-friendly pricing structure makes it an attractive option for low-budget SMBs and freelancers to build customizable e-commerce sites and webshops without spending a hefty price upfront. Other popular website builders such as Wix and Elementor require subscribers to pay a minimum of $6/month for the most basic package. With Webador, you can get started with just $1/month without any hidden costs. That said, unless you’ve chosen the ‘Business’ subscription package, you have to deal with limitations on the number of web products you can display, not to mention possible commissions from Webador on products you’ve sold. However, since that mainly applies to eCommerce business models, other types of service providers shouldn’t be worried. Despite its limitations, if you don’t need an over-the-top fancy website, then check Webador out: they might just be the website builder you need to get started.


While Webador provides a free subscription package, users can’t access most of the perks paid subscribers enjoy. With this package, subscribers enjoy hosting stock photos, unlimited data traffic, unlimited storage, and a personal mailbox, not to mention access to Webador’s library of 50+ responsive templates at no additional cost. This package also allows users to enjoy a dedicated support team and a stable SSL connection for free. However, by choosing it, subscribers miss out on most built-in eCommerce, data analytics, advertising, and UX features only available for paid subscribers. Users also don’t have access to a customizable domain address. Instead, they are forced to use a ‘.webador.com’ address.


For the first 3 months, this plan costs $1/month. On the fourth month, the price goes up to a fixed price of $6/month. Users who choose this subscription model access the same features as those who choose the Freemium option with the added benefit of choosing their own customizable domain. With the ‘Lite’ plan, subscribers can access 1 domain name for free.


Similar to the Lite plan, Pro plan subscribers start by paying $1/month for the first three months. After that, the payment plan jumps to a fixed price of $10/month. Marketed towards small business owners, subscribers enjoy the same benefits as those who signed up for the Lite plan with some cool webshop add-ons and additional features. These include 0% commission payments to Webador on the webshop products you’ve sold, Google Analytics features, comprehensive visitor stat reports, password protection, customizable forms, zero website ads, and 1GB of email storage capacity. However, Pro plan subscribers cannot upload videos to their sites. What’s more, eCommerce businesses are limited to only 10 product listings.


For the first 3 months under the Business plan, subscribers pay $1/month. The price then jumps to $20/month for all successive months following that initial 3-month period. Those who purchase the Business plan enjoy the same basic features that Pro subscribers enjoy. However, unlike the Pro plan, the Business plan offers an additional 5GB of video storage support that subscribers can use to upload HD videos for marketing and advertising purposes. Those who sign up for the Business plan also enjoy unlimited listings for webshop products and a whopping 10GB email storage capacity.



Webador is an E-commerce site builder that helps you build fully-functional websites and webshops cheaply. With more than 50 customizable templates, Webador combines a straightforward drag-and-drop style of website building with practical features that give you everything you need to create an attractive site. While it doesn’t boast a wealth of plugins like Wix and other website builders, Webador’s flexible pricing plans, along with its easy integration with common external tools, more than makeup for it.


  • "Price"
    10 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7 /10

Features & Functionality

Webador’s e-commerce site builder boasts various powerful features that enable users to create and manage successful online stores. Here are some key features offered by Webador:

Mobile Optimization

All of Webador’s 50+ e-commerce site builder templates are responsive. This means that once you use Webador’s templates, the website you create automatically adapts to the screen size you use to access, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. That said, as the template modifies the website to suit the size of the screen accessing it, the content layout may be picture-perfect on one device but compromised on another. Finding the right layout that works perfectly for you on desktop and mobile devices is tricky. However, once you get a feel for structuring and aligning content across multiple columns, you’ll have no difficulty choosing a stellar layout on all screen options.

SEO Tools & Marketing

With SEO playing a pivotal role among low-budget brands looking to gain online traction, Webador’s store builder has several features that help you compete in organic search. Once your website is up and running, Webador automatically generates a sitemap that Google’s bots use to read, index, and rank your website for given keywords on its search page results (SERP). In case your website doesn’t pop up on Google’s SERP after a week, Webador lets you add a property to the domain to improve your chances of ranking as well as a host of content-driven optimization techniques, such as including keywords and indexable content in titles, headings, and images that help you rank.

Social Media Tools

Like Wix, Webador-users can access built-in features that help site owners integrate social media marketing and advertising strategies with their e-commerce store. One of these features is the Social share element that allows users to share your website on social media channels, thus helping to generate traffic to your site. The other main feature is the Social icon element, which lets you link to social media channels linked to your site. That way, users can follow your brand across more than one channel. When used in tandem with Google Analytics, you can record and analyze data from traffic originating from your website to your social media channels to help inform your overall business strategies.


Besides its standard website features, Webador also boasts a few features that specifically target companies selling products online for e-commerce. Its 0% commission on transactions carried out through its platform and its product listing options helps make it easier for companies to sell online. What’s more, with the Form element, Webador lets you collect email addresses. That said, Webador doesn’t allow you to create mailing lists. Therefore, you’d have to use a third-party tool like Mailchimp for newsletters and email marketing campaigns.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support

Expand your e-commerce site globally by offering multiple languages and supporting various currencies, providing a personalized experience for international customers.

Apps & Plugins

While other E-commerce store builders like Wix have App Markets that allow you to browse through apps and plugins, Webador doesn’t build and sell its own suite of add-on apps or plugins to users. With the Embed Code element, users can easily include external tools like Youtube, Google Calendar, Eventbrite, Google Forms, and Mailchimp in your website.

Design & Templates

Webador offers more than 50 responsive templates that you can fully customize to suit the look and feel you want for your website. Some templates have different properties that are not available on other templates. Since there are only 50 templates, you can browse through the list of options and choose the one that best matches the kind of site you want to build.

Ease of Use

Once you’ve chosen a template, building a website is easy. Simply drag and drop patterns or elements to the Editor version of your website to add or remove sections of your site seamlessly. If you encounter any difficulty using the e-commerce store builder, Webador has a Help Center where you can access additional resources that help you resolve doubts or concerns about using the builder.

Customer Support

While Webador does not offer any live chat support, you can contact the customer support team by filling out an online form. Their operational business hours for customer support requests are Monday to Friday 8:30 – 17:00 CET. While they do not specify an estimated time during which customers can expect a response, once a customer has submitted a claim, they express their willingness to respond as soon as possible. In Webador’s Help Center, you can also access additional resources such as FAQs that respond to questions that people have about Webador’s web-building services.

Final Word

Webador is a solid E-commerce store builder whose cost-friendly payment plans make it a good choice for low-budget companies to build a website. With more than 50 customizable templates, Webador gives users full control over their site’s design and final look while also providing them with the basic features they need to get their business up and running. By supporting the integration of common external tools that complement its suite of features and keeping a library of resources that help you get started, Webador gives you everything you need to create a fully functional e-commerce site.

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