flag Self-building and user-friendly
  • Customizable, secure, and scalable

  • Image library with 550,000+ free images

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Unlimited pages and storage

Pros & Cons

  • 24/7 help & support
  • AI website builder that saves time
  • Simple customization options
  • SSL certificates for all sites
  • Design flexibility is limited
  • Cannot change templates after it has been chosen initially

Plans & Pricing

The website builder has straightforward pricing. There are only three plans and each one is divided based on the features available and the usage limits imposed. This provides multiple options for customers to choose a plan that fits their needs and the plans can be upgraded at any time. is an inexpensive website builder – especially when compared to similar ones from other companies. It doesn’t have many advanced features but if your needs aren’t too complex then it can serve you well.


Overview was founded back in 1999 by George DeCarlo as a domain registrar. Like many companies in the same position, it has expanded its offering to encompass multiple areas that small and medium businesses need to grow their online presence. These areas include web hosting, email hosting, security, and website building.


  • "Price"
    9 /10
  • "Features"
    7 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    7 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7 /10

Features & Functionality has a limited range of features available for customers. This is a double-edged sword because it helps streamline the software and remove the features that people don’t use often but it doesn’t have a lot of advanced functionality. Some of the features include Facebook integrations, contact management, and basic SEO tools but it also has a few unique and essential features.

AI site builder

Instead of having to wade through a wide selection of templates and choose one that catches your eye, has an AI site builder that asks a few simple questions and helps you create a good-looking site by choosing an appropriate template, add images, and even supply the initial content.

Inventory management

If you take advantage of the eCommerce aspect of the website builder, inventory is one of the most important considerations. Instead of needing to use a third-party tool, Domain comes with solid inventory management features that should meet your needs unless you have custom or advanced requirements.

Physical and digital product support

Many eCommerce platforms are specialized for selling physical goods or digital goods but rarely both. sets itself apart by supporting both product classes which gives you the flexibility to expand the types of products and services you offer through your website.

Design & Templates doesn’t have pre-built templates like most website builders. Instead, it takes advantage of AI to build website layouts on the fly. It asks you a series of questions related to the kind of website you want and will then build a site based on the information provided. Once created, you’re able to change the color scheme, layout, and almost all of the elements used.

Even though the AI will save you a lot of time, the design flexibility of the website is limited because of a single major factor – once you select a design (based on the AI) you can’t switch to another one. Apart from that, it has decent customization options that should meet the needs of most customers.

Ease of Use

While may not have the most design flexibility due to its inability to change templates, it is simple to use. It works using section blocks which is similar to many other site builders so if you’ve used them in the past you’ll feel right at home.

Most options for building the website are displayed in the left-hand menu. You can simply click on an option to add it to your site and it’ll automatically conform to the template of your website. When customizing individual pages, you can move sections up or down, split them, or add more sections with a few button clicks. Even a beginner can learn and utilize the core aspects of the tool within a day.

Customer Support offers multiple support options for its customers. What you have access to is determined by the package you chose but every tier has multiple options. Irrespective of your pricing plan, you get 24/7 access to email and live chat support. The team in charge of providing frontline support responds to queries quickly and is knowledgeable about the product. They’ll usually be able to give you detailed information to solve most problems within a few minutes.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    24/7 support is available to all customers via various channels irrespective of the pricing plan.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available to customers on specific plans 24/7.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is provided 24/7 to all customers.
  • Email
    All customers have access to email support.
  • Video Tutorials
    helpful video tutorials that provide step-by-step guides to help you create, establish and manage your website.
  • FAQ
    There are multiple FAQs on the website which relate to specific products and there is a detailed knowledgebase.
  • Blog maintains a blog that focuses on company news, business tips, and customer case studies.

Final Word has been around for well over two decades and in that time has evolved from a simple domain registration company into one that offers multiple services to grow the online presence of small and medium brands. The website builder is one such service. It offers inexpensive pricing, a range of essential features, and a solid security framework. Whether you need a personal website to showcase a few of your accomplishments or a full-blown eCommerce store, you’ll find the tools available within’s website builder.

A few of the features include integrations with popular payment processors, unlimited pages, unlimited storage, SSL certificate, 24/7 support, an AI-based website builder, and marketing tools. One drawback is that the website builder doesn’t come with many advanced features and design flexibility is limited. If you don’t envision yourself needing advanced features then it’s a solid choice to consider building your first or next website.

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