Battle Of The Builders: Wix Classic Vs. Wix ADI

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Over the years, creating a new website has gotten a lot easier. With all the dedicated online platforms available, one doesn’t need to know a single thing about coding to build a spectacular website.

When it comes to online website building, Wix is always found in the list of the best website builders. Wix is capable of converting your dream website into reality. You can build a new website in two ways using Wix: you can choose between Wix Classic and the new Wix ADI.

Wix Classic

With the Wix Classic you can start with an empty canvas or with a particular template you selected from over 510 different templates available on the platform. You can drag-and-drop almost any element, such as text boxes, shapes, videos and images, into the relevant field of the canvas to create a design of your choice. As the platform avails a wide array of beautiful templates, even if you have no idea how to design your website you can still be assured that it will be a piece of cake for you to choose a suitable design for your website.


Introduced by Wix in mid-2016, ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) has been a huge leap for the company. It is an AI-based option where users have to enter the information about the type of website they want and the AI creates the website within a few minutes.

To be precise, the information you are required to enter is your name (or company name) and what the website is for (personal or specific industry). Adding information about your presence in social media and other aspects may not be necessary, but this can help the website achieve some added personal touch. Once all the details have been provided, you will be presented with a beautifully designed website with professional photos, relevant text, and videos that will surely exceed your expectations.

No two websites built using this system are the same. This means all websites built using Wix ADI are unique, so you can rest easy. It’s pretty exceptional to create a unique website, isn’t it?

Website Builder Features

When using Wix Classic you will enjoy plenty of extra features over Wix ADI. It offers a complete package for developing custom websites. You can have access to all Wix and third-party apps that can help add robustness to your website. You have the freedom to choose the template you like from a wide variety of options the platform offers. But the problem with Wix Classic is that you will not be able to embrace the effectiveness of AI as it is completely manual.

Looking at Wix ADI, plenty of differences between them can be noticed. With ADI, you just need to answer a few questions and wait for the new website to pop up. The inability to select a specific template is the biggest disadvantage you can face in adopting this option. Furthermore, some Wix and third-party apps are not available for Wix ADI. When using ADI, you can switch to the Classic builder to further customize your site. This is a great option, but you should know that once you switch to Classic, you will be unable to switch back to ADI.

Wix Classic


  • It allows complete personalization of a website.
  • It is more comprehensive as it follows a somewhat traditional approach to help users build websites.
  • Changes in templates can be made fairly easily.


  • Even though it will only take you a short time to get acquainted with Wix Classic, the process of building a new website can be time consuming, especially when you are experimenting with features to get better results. With Wix Classic you are doing everything manually.
  • When you start on your own site (without using a template) and have of lack expertise in the basics of building a website, it can take you a bit longer to become acquainted with the builder’s features and tools.



  • It is highly efficient in terms of time and labor involved in making a website.
  • If you are looking to give your website a professional touch and make it up to mark with the present day technologies, Wix ADI is the perfect fit for you. The websites come out looking beautiful.


  • Comparatively, the scope of personalization is limited.
  • You may not be able to use some apps available on the platform which would otherwise be of great value to your website.

Which is the better builder, and for whom?

The usability of these two options is subjective – each is preferable for certain types of users.

For example, Wix ADI would be best for creating e-commerce sites due to its great algorithms. You can enjoy the exclusively designed site then add or remove the elements at your discretion. Also, it is useful for various other groups like bloggers, photographers and basically for everyone who quickly wants a stunning website.

On the other hand, Wix Classic is useful for designers and or people who would like to customize more details of their design. Both builders are great for people with no technical or coding skills, but Wix Classic offers the ability to code elements if you choose.

The Bottom Line

Though different in some aspects, Wix ADI and Wix classic have the same goal of providing you with a convenient way to build a new website.

Wix has a reputation for continuous innovation and provides great customization tools for its users. Its aim is to help users with relatively limited resources create a website that can help them achieve their business goals. Credit has to be given for its time-effectiveness, the comfortable user-interface, and its innovations which have made its platform stand out from the crowd. So, before spending thousands of dollars on building your website, it is always advisable to check out platforms like Wix.

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