How to Choose a Domain Name

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Choosing your domain name is as important as choosing your business name – it’s a vital component for making sure your business is a success. Your domain name is your company’s identity online, so getting it right is a big deal. You want to make sure it fits your brand as well as keeping it easy to search for and find. So, here are our top tips for how to choose the perfect domain name.

4 Tips for choosing the right domain name

1. Make it easy to type

You don’t want to make it difficult for people to find you online, so your domain name should reflect this. This means you need to avoid complicated spellings, long-winded phrases, and odd acronyms. There are way too many sites out there that have chosen their web domain thinking it would be clever and interesting, only to find it’s too difficult for people to type correctly.

You need to avoid using numbers or hyphens in your website domain name wherever possible as things like these only make it more difficult for visitors to type. You might find that someone else has the domain name you really want, so by including some hyphens you can still use the right phrase. But, this would be a huge mistake. Move on and find another name that works better for you, without added extras.

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2. Utilize keywords

Just like the content you create for your site once it’s up and running, your domain name is a great place to utilize keywords and help boost your SEO efforts. Start off by brainstorming a few keywords that accurately represent your site. These should be tied into your key core values and main brand message – try not to stray too far from the heart of your businesses here.

When you have your keyword selection, use a domain name generator tool online to help you come up with some options for your web domain name. By inputting your keyword, these tools will generate a list of possible domain name options for you to choose from. Even if none of these work for you, they can be a great starting point for your own brainstorming.

3. Choose the right extension

Once you’ve got the first part of your website domain name set, you’ll need to think about how you want to end. This where choosing the right extension comes in. You’ll already be aware that a .com extension is the most popular option. This is a great choice for most brands as it’s the easiest to remember and type, which makes your web domain much easier for people to find.

But, a .com is not always the best choice. It all depends on your business and your target audience.

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If you’re operating on a more local scale, then using a local extension is much more beneficial. For example, if you’re focusing on clients in Germany, working with a .de is better, or for those working in the UK, use a

Extensions like .net, .biz or .co are growing in popularity among new businesses and start-ups, but generally, it’s not a good idea to work with one of these. These extensions are not as easy for people to remember, they’re much more likely to want to type .com into their browser. So, you really need to consider if having a “trendy” extension is worth the probable drop in traffic.

4. Make it memorable

As well as making it easy to type, you need to make sure your web domain name is memorable too. You need visitors to remember where you’re hanging out online, so spend the time to get it perfect. This means you’re going to need to spend some time researching similar businesses domain names while coming up with your own. You need to make sure your name stands out from the crowd and doesn’t resemble any other sites too closely.

If your domain name is too close to that of another brand you might find a good chunk of your potential customers are heading over to your competitor by mistake. Definitely not ideal.

How to register your domain name

Once you’ve picked your domain name, you first need to make sure it’s available. Unfortunately, it’s harder and harder for businesses to come up with an original web domain, so it’s very possible that someone else has already swooped in and taken the name you want most. This is why it’s good to have a solid list of options ready to choose from right from the start.

Using a website builder

One of the easiest ways to register your domain name is to go through your website builder. By using sites like GoDaddy or Squarespace, registering your website domain name is much easier than going it alone.

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Parked pages

Website builders usually offer you the use of a free “parked page” when you purchase your new domain. These pages work as placeholders to sit on your domain while you build your website. With a page like this, you’re able to make sure people know they’ve come to the right address, even if your site isn’t built yet, or is undergoing renovations later down the line.

Domain management

It might be that you need more than one web domain name, either for the same business or multiple ones. If this is the case, then going through a website builder offers you the ability to manage multiple sites all under one platform. Very helpful for keeping you organized.

Domain price

Prices will vary from domain to domain, so it’s worth checking this out when choosing your web domain. When you purchase your domain, you have the option for how long you want to own it for. You can usually save some money if you opt for longer ownership. You’ll also have more security for your domain if you do this, as there’s no chance of it running out on you and getting scooped up by someone else.

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Final Word

In a nutshell, choosing your domain name is much more important than most people even realize. Instead of spending an hour thinking of a name, give it the time it really deserves. It’s as important as choosing the right business name, as it effectively works as your business name online. Follow the advice we laid out in this article, and you’ll be fine.

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