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WebHostingPad is a hosting company based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and founded in 2005. The company caters to small and large websites in any industry. It does this by offering a number of different services to meet their individual needs.

Plans & Pricing

WebHosting Pad has four pricing categories that are broken down by the service, features, and usage.

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting is an inexpensive option and is divided into the Power Plan and Power Plan Plus. Prices range from $1.99/month – $7.99/month. They have unlimited bandwidth and hosting, unlimited websites, and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. The Power Plan Plus also has premium support and a commercial SSL certificate.

WebHostingPad offers special Weebly Hosting. It should be noted that Weebly’s plans range from free to $29.00/month depending on the package and features. All plans (excluding the free tier) come with the Weebly mobile app, unlimited pages and email accounts, full customization options, and 10+ Ecommerce products. Hosting for Weebly, which is charged separately, is via the Shared Hosting plan noted above, which starts at $1.99/month.

WordPress Hosting

The WordPress Hosting plan ranges from $2.99/month – $7.99/monght. All plans come with premium support, unlimited bandwidth, hosting, and email accounts. You also get access to regular malware scans, a global CDN, and regular backups.

VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting prices range from $29.95/month – $99.95+/month. It comes with free setup and unlimited domains, email addresses, and databases. There’s a limit on the amount of bandwidth and memory associated with the plans but you do get more advanced features like root access, network monitoring, and dedicated IPs.

WebHostingPad’s pricing usually cheaper than similar companies in the space. The VPS hosting is more expensive but it also provides more services and speed improvements over shared hosting.

Email-Only Hosting

WebHostingPad is aware that some people simply want a professional email address. That’s why they offer email-only hosting. This plan ranges from $40/year to $50/year, depending on whether you want their regular or Plus plan. The only difference between the two plans is that the Plus option provides 5 GB of disk space whereas the regular plan offers just 1 GB of disk space.

Shared Hosting
WordPress Hosting
VPS Hosting
Email-Only Hosting

Features & Functionality

WebHostingPad has many features which are allocated based on the hosting plan you choose. Features available on most plans include free domains on registration, a free SSL, and 99% uptime guarantee. Beyond that there are a few other aspects of the service.

Membership registration

Membership websites usually require additional and expensive software to set up. WebHostingPad offers it as a built in feature with Weebly hosting so you can create content or products only accessible to paying members.

Inventory management

Inventory management can be difficult without the right tools. Weebly hosting gives you access to inventory management features. Use it to understand what products are selling well, where your profit is coming from, and make informed stock decisions.

Automatic malware scan and removal

WebHostingPad provides automatic malware scanning for all WordPress hosting customers. If it finds anything out of the ordinary, it’ll notify you and quarantine the suspicious file.

Product Listing and inventory management

Managed Weebly hosting has inventory management that gives you insights into what’s selling the best as well as when you’re running low on specific items. In addition to that, you’re able to set up automatic shipping and tax calculations, sell digital goods, and issue coupons to customers.

It also comes with a simple interface that lets you see who your customers are, their details, and purchase information. You can use that to create tailored marketing campaigns to reactivate customer that have gone cold.

Marketing Tools

The platform has basic marketing tools you can use to improve your reach. It has an SEO checklist and statistics so you can see how much traffic you’re getting from search engines. Beyond that, it doesn’t offer much marketing support but you can install an SEO or marketing tool on your WordPress installation to help out.

Payment Options

There are multiple payment options for your customers depending on which hosting solution you choose. For WordPress, you can use a plugin to start collecting payments via Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, etc. directly from your website.

With Weebly hosting, you can collect payments via PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Shared hosting and VPS hosting don’t have any built-in solutions to help you collect payments so you’d have to set create one on your own.


WebHostingPad takes the security of its customers seriously. The entire website is encrypted with an SSL certificate and payments are processed using PCI standard processors so your details remain secure.

Additionally, your websites are scanned consistently to catch any malware or hacking attempts. If anything is found, it’ll automatically be quarantined to protect the integrity of your website and your visitors.

Design & Templates

As mentioned before, WebHostingPad works specially with WordPress and Weebly website builders. Both WordPress and Weebly have a large number of themes and templates to select and they span a wide range of use cases. The Weebly templates are designed by both the company and independent designers which gives you an option between free and paid.

The same is true for WordPress themes. It has a large ecosystem of developers that create beautiful themes for the platform. WordPress itself has a few standard themes that can get you up and running in just a few minutes.

Customer Support

WebHostingPad has 24/7 support which can be contacted in many ways. The support tiers are divided into standard, which everyone gets, or premium, which is available on certain plans or can be purchased separately.

Pros & Cons

  • 24/7 support for all plans
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited add-on domains and subdomains
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth and memory
  • Knowledgebase doesn't cover Weebly or WordPress extensively
  • Additional fee for premium support on some plans

Ease of Use

Like other hosting providers, it comes with a Cpanel to manage your websites. While it’s the most common management provider, it can be difficult for a beginner to use. Once your website is set up with WordPress or Weebly, you can build out a complete website in just a day or two.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    WebHostingPad offers 24/7 support to its customers.
  • Phone Support
    The company provides 24/7 phone support to customers.
  • Live Online Chat
    LiveChat support is available to customers 24/7.
  • Email
    Email support is available 24/7 but most issues can be resolved via the live chat option.
  • FAQ
    An FAQ section covers questions about the service and technical aspects for beginners.

Final Word

WebHostingPad is a standard web hosting tool that makes it easy to get a website online. The shared hosting plans are affordable and tend to be cheaper than comparable hosts. It also has dedicated WordPress and Weebly hosting which allows you to host multiple domains, provides free SSL certificates, and more.

It also has 24/7 support for all customers that helps with technical and account issues but premium support may attract an extra fee depending on what plan you’ve chosen. Taken together, it’s a platform that’ll help you keep your website fast and secure.

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Daniel Ndukwu

Daniel is a small business owner at large helping his peers navigate the challenges they experience on a day to day basis. His philosophy is simple, if it isn’t broken you can still make it better.

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