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flag Affordable personal & ecommerce site builder
  • Easy to customize drag & drop editor
  • Professional industry-specific templates
  • Image & video gallery included
  • Helpful SEO & analytical tools
7.5 /10
Automatic website building
15 days
  • author: Rachel Rumbelow
  • 05.03.19
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  • "Price"
    9 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    7.5 /10


Webnode is no stranger to the website builder industry. Launched in 2008, it has been a staple for over 30 million people, worldwide. They are also one of the first and only builders to offer translations of each site for over 20 languages. Webnode shines in ease of use with its intuitive editor, and they pull many new customers in with their affordable packages and low-risk 15-day money-back guarantee.

Plans & Pricing

Webnode offers a free plan that is meant to give you a headstart in testing out their process. Once you get acclimated, it’s recommended that you upgrade to their Limited package or the more professional premium packages. Each package is paid annually.


The free package is more for a personal site or for a test run of a site before upgrading to a premium package. You get 100 MB of storage and the use of any template. However, you don’t get a free domain nor are you able to redirect a custom domain to your site. You are stuck with a subdomain like mysite.webnode.com. There is also a Webnode banner ad at the bottom.


The Limited plan is not too far off from the free plan, which isn’t a surprise considering how inexpensive it is. However, with your $3.95 per month payment, you are able to use your own domain and you also get preferred service in customer support. You will still have a banner ad at the bottom of your site.


For just a couple dollars more a month, we’re starting to get somewhere with the $5.95 Mini plan. The Mini plan offers you a free Webnode hosted domain, 500 MB of storage, and an email account. You also get a form builder, insight into your web statistics, and the option to use a background video for a more dynamic look to your site. You do still have to deal with the Webnode banner at the bottom of your site, though.


Websites under the $11.95-per-month Standard plan provide users with everything the Mini package gives you, plus 2 GB of storage. Additionally, you’ll receive 20 email addresses, no more banner ad, and Google Analytics. Furthermore, choose among two language options for translated versions of your site, membership registration for 100 customers, and 5 backups. The Standard option also allows you to create an online store.


This is the ultimate Webnode package and it delivers for a pretty nice price. For a mere $19.95 a month, you get everything from the Standard package plus 5 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth. You can create an online store and also hire a team with the 100 email accounts you get. The really exciting part is that you get unlimited languages, unlimited registrations, and unlimited backups.


Features & Functionality

Mobile Optimization

Every single template on Webnode is made for responsiveness and mobile optimization automatically. No tweaking or anything else on your part is necessary. All you have to do is customize your site and it will automatically work flawlessly on any mobile device.

SEO Tools & Marketing

SEO tools are offered in the Standard and Profi packages. They ensure that your site is indexed for Google and give you the option to include Google Analytics, as well as SEO page settings.

Web Traffic Statistics

Finding out how many people come to your site can be powerful. It tells you what you’re doing wrong and what you should continue with. If you have a web store, analytics features will quickly let you know which are your most popular products in stock. In the Mini, Standard and Profi packages, Webnode lets you know which pages are your most popular and which outside links referred visitors to your site.

Multilingual Options

What could be better than opening up your blog or business to more parts of the world? With the Standard and Profi packages, you can do just that. All it takes is the click of a mouse to say which languages you want and Webnode will do all the translating for you. Just like that, your site is available in another language or languages.

Royalty Free Images and Background Video

High-quality, professional looking images are available for any package. Well done stock images offer a dynamic look and have become essential in drawing people in as the web becomes more and more visual. In the Mini, Standard and Profi packages, you also get to choose between high-quality background videos.

Design & Templates

Beautiful and professionally designed templates are available right at your fingertips when you use Webnode. The template page shows around 95 templates under the “all templates” selection. This gives you plenty of polished templates to choose from. You can narrow down your search by categories, such as business, e-commerce, personal, blog, restaurants and food, music, portfolio, and wedding. They also offer their most popular choice as well as the newer entries.

You can customize pretty much anything in any page but unfortunately, you can no longer switch templates so be sure you’re choosing the one you want from the beginning. Otherwise, if you decide you want a different template, you’ll have to start from scratch.

Customer Support

Webnode does not have the strongest customer support. It has a fairly detailed FAQ section that includes a few video tutorials. A customer support representative can be reached through the form on their contact page or through the email address direction, support@webnode.com.Webnode answers their emails quickly and provides as detailed a response as possible.

Pros & Cons

  • Every template is responsive and ready for mobile
  • Easy interface for customization
  • Competitive pricing
  • 20 languages available
  • Can be used for personal, business, and e-commerce
  • Limited customer support
  • No app store
  • Not as many features as some other site builders

Ease of Use

When you first create a website on Webnode, you’ll be asked which type of site you’d like: website or e-commerce. Next, you’ll select your desired template. You’ll be given the choice to watch a 1-minute video tutorial or else you can just get started!

With familiar editing options and an intuitive, drag and drop interface, Webnode provides you with an easy-to-follow path towards starting your new site. Choose different images and videos from the gallery or upload your own. Edit text, start a blog, add pages, and add products and services for your business or ecommerce store.  You can easily use the SEO features to draw more visitors to your site.

Webnode may not have the same amount of tools as other web builders, but it certainly delivers in the usability department. Even if you’ve never built a website before, you’ll likely have no problem using Webnode’s drag and drop functionality. All you have to do is input your business or blog information and the builder does the rest without the need for advanced technical skills.

  • Email
    A customer support representative can be reached through the form on their contact page or through the email address direction, support@webnode.com.
  • Video Tutorials
    Webnode offers a video tutorial series through their FAQ.
  • FAQ
    There is a detailed FAQ available on Webnode’s site.

Final Word

Webnode is not the most flexible site builder available, however, they have been around a while and they know the game. You may miss out on having an app store but they make up for it in language accessibility and affordability. With an easy to use, familiar editing platform and low-priced premium packages, you won’t have any problems getting your online presence up and running. It only takes a mouse and your imagination.

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Rachel Rumbelow

Rachel is a freelance writer and young widow who understands life is short and refuses to take it for granted. Using this attitude, she's taken the world by storm and is excited to share her knowledge and expertise.

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