Weebly Review

flag Intuitive & powerful drag and drop builder
  • Dynamic video backgrounds draw attention

  • Advanced animation affects & custom fonts

  • Able to access HTML/CSS & Javascript

  • Real-time analytics keep you in the know

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful drag and drop builder.
  • A huge collection of unique fonts.
  • Advanced animation effects.
  • Built-in professional image editor.
  • Video backgrounds to create a more appealing experience.
  • No newsletters feature.

Plans & Pricing

The good news is that users can enjoy Weebly for free. However, this does come with limitations. You only get up to 10 web pages, no custom domain options, limited eCommerce (5 products), and there are Weebly display ads. It’s still a pretty good deal. Weebly has five different paid plans to offer.

The Pro plan ($12/month billed annually) gives you all the functionality of the starter pack but with HD video/audio players, header slideshow up to 25 e-commerce products and more.

The Business ($25/month billed annually) package gets you everything the other plans do, and a whole bunch of extras. Work with unlimited products, SSL site security, your own domain, no transaction fees, digital goods, shipping/tax calculator, promo codes, inventory management and more.

The Business Plus ($38/month) plan is for “power sellers” like enterprise and provides additional features to support a high-traffic e-commerce site.

The Connect plan allows you to simply connect a domain and costs only $5 per month.

All these are based on one-year plans but users can reduce the monthly cost by committing to a two-year plan on sign up. Weebly plans are slightly cheaper than their competition, and with more plans to choose from it’s much easier to pick which ones suits you perfectly, rather than pay more for features you won’t need.

Business Plus


Weebly gives you the impression that you’re about to embark on a simple but enjoyable site building ride. Everything all-around and refined. A generous selection of themes, fully equipped features and examples of websites are all there to assist.  The sleek and modern interface really makes it a breeze to navigate and the drag-and-drop admin panel means you can customize it to your preference. What makes it even better is that Weebly is free to use and signup only requires an email address.


  • "Price"
    9 /10
  • "Features"
    8.5 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8.5 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    8 /10

Features & Functionality

Mobile Optimization

The Weebly web builder enables users to create a mobile version of their site with minimal effort. As you build your desktop site it will automatically be formatted for mobile devices simultaneously. You can access the mobile version via the dashboard at any time.
It’s worth mentioning that you can users can also view and edit their web pages in real time through the mobile app. This user-friendly app allows instant changes to the website, and its customization abilities are outstanding for a mobile app. The site doesn’t appear as it would on a full-size screen but that is as expected from a mobile device.

SEO Tools & Marketing

What good would a web builder be if it wasn’t SEO friendly? Well, Weebly delivers in this area too. This web builder provides all the tools you need to rank on Google. Users can customize page descriptions, meta tags, and even header and footer codes. A wide variety of marketing tools, like analytics, email marketing, and social posts, also help you to connect all your marketing efforts and integrate with other marketing services.


Customers can expect excellent eCommerce abilities with Weebly. Their eCommerce features plenty of functions, including product import from other services, digital products, customizable email receipts, order processing, coupon codes, automatic tax calculator, shipping rules, and more. It’s a breeze to use and you can sell unlimited products, add coupons, set shipping and tax rates, and connect your store to social media.

Design & Templates

This website builder is not lacking in design options. It has recently revamped the quality of its templates and now it boasts over 100 professionally designed themes. These themes are always improving and the number is growing quickly.

Weebly is definitely at the forefront of website providers when it comes to themes. The themes come in hundreds of different styles and these are broken down into categories including Bold, Corporate, Fun, Sleek, Minimalist, and others.

Users can enjoy a quick view of the theme before picking it as their site’s core structure. Many of the themes allow the user to customize the color scheme. What’s more, Weebly allows you to access HTML/CSS code, which provides more experienced users to enjoy endless customization of their theme.

The dashboard gives you the option to view the theme on both desktop and mobile, so you can get a really good idea of how your site would look. You can also source your template from a third party site and upload it to Weebly if you can’t find one that compliments your website.

If you feel like a theme refresh then no problem, it’s effortless to switch themes and your site’s content and functionality will simply display within the new theme.

Customer Support

Weebly’s customer support options are a bit better if you invest in the Pro, Business, or Performance plans than if you just have the Free plan. With the Free plan, you can receive chat & email support and also seek help from the community forum. The Pro, Business, and Performance plans additionally give you phone support for immediate assistance. The Help Center page also provides articles with information about getting started, navigating your site dashboard, email marketing, and more.

Ease of Use

Users will be happy to know that this is the sort of web builder they can seamlessly slip into and grasp from the get-go.

Weebly is beyond easy to use; it is simple in its purest form. The drag-and-drop functionality keeps things familiar, while the new dashboard structure ensures easy access to all the features and information you need. Getting started on your website is as easy as selecting a theme and dragging your content where it needs to go. The page will automatically resize to accommodate all your web elements, everything just falls into place.

It uses a box model which allows the content to fall into specific places when you drag it into your site page, removing all the hard work for you. The “Sections” feature helps you easily organize your site elements, and provides professionally designed layouts for your site.
Weebly has over 30 different layout designs to pick from including homepages, contact, about, creative menu designs and business designs.

The Weebly web builder has such a high level of simplicity that it’s almost impossible to mess things up, if you’re familiar with content management systems then you’d have no problem getting a simple website done and dusted in about an hour!

  • Phone Support
    Yes - only for Pro and Business accounts - Monday - Friday: 6AM - 6PM Pacific Time, Saturday - Sunday: 8AM - 5PM Pacific Time
  • Live Online Chat
    Yes - for all accounts
  • Email
    Yes - (for all accounts - submit a support request)
  • Video Tutorials
    Yes -tutorials on various topics are available on Weebly expert http://www.weeblyexpert.com/tutorials/
  • FAQ
    There is a common questions section: https://hc.weebly.com/hc/en-us/sections/205895767-Common-Questions
  • Community Forum
    Yes, an “idea forum” is present on the company website.
  • Blog
    Yes - tips, announcements, Weebly news…http://www.weebly.com/blog

Final Word

Weebly is a great all-around product. It’s well-priced, offers fantastic functionality and the overall user experience is spot on. It would be a great choice for anybody to reach their website goals. It’s one of the best drag-and-drop web builders we’ve come across and the recent upgrade has only solidified Weebly’s already strong reputation.

It has the perfect blend of simplicity and functionality, making it a powerful site builder that enables any user to incorporate a wide range of features and widgets with ease. The uncluttered interface makes Weebly a great choice for those first-time web builders, while the breadth of tools and functions, as well as HTML/CSS makes it perfect for those with web building experience too.

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