A Guide to Social Media CTAs On Your Website

Alicia Schneider

Aug 31 2020

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Most businesses have a website along with multiple social media pages where they can connect and communicate with their customers. However, what many businesses fail to see is the importance of linking their websites and social channels together.

I’m not talking about the standard share buttons most readers gloss over at the end of a blog post, or even the tiny social icons that come standard in many website’s headers or footers. While these buttons and links do have a purpose, it’s not quite the same as adding an effective CTA that leads to your social channels.

That being said, CTAs for social media serve a different purpose than traditional CTAs you’d find on a website or in an email. Keep reading to learn about why social CTAs are important, some examples of ones you should use, and other ways to promote your social networks.

Why Is Linking to Social Media From Your Website So Important?

An argument can be made that any link that takes a visitor out of your website is counter-intuitive. Many businesses subscribe to this argument, which is why they might avoid using social CTAs altogether.

However, despite the outbound link, sending your visitors to your social channels can work for you in other less obvious ways. Here are just a few reasons why linking to social media from your website can be beneficial to your business.

Create Multi-Channel Engagement

You wouldn’t typically think of your website as a platform for engagement. Still, it can help as a driving force of traffic towards your most engaging pages.

A visitor who lands on your website may not yet be ready to commit to a purchase, but they want to stay informed about your business, sales, or new products. One way to keep them engaged is to have them sign-up for a newsletter, but another way is to make sure they follow a link to your social channels.

By following your company on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be able to promote brand awareness and build up trust. You’ll also have a direct line to engage with and ultimately convert this visitor.

Strengthen Your Online Presence

Clients can learn more about you by visiting your social media profiles, and they might find out more information about your company that they didn’t find on your website.

Your social pages allow people to interact with your business more frequently and in different ways than a website. Of course, it’s important to choose the right social platforms for your business, but once you have a solid social media strategy, you’ll have an easier time growing your online presence.

Bolster Your Social Media Marketing

While your website and your social media marketing strategy aren’t always related, the traffic you send to your social channels can really work for you.

By growing your following when you send site visitors to your social pages, you’ll have a larger audience to market to when you launch a new campaign or promotion on your social channels. This is a cost-effective way to organically build your online following with users that you know are already interested in your brand.

Squarespace has integrated marketing and social media tools that can help you accomplish this without any headaches.

Expand Your Network

Not all social channels are made to promote your brand or increase your bottom line. Social media channels like LinkedIn can be great for growing your network and connecting with like-minded professionals in your field.

When you direct your site visitors to social profile slicked LinkedIn, you leave the door open to future partnerships or collaborations. Professionals may want to get to know you better as a business, and they stand to learn a lot on LinkedIn. Use website links to this profile as an opportunity to market your services to other businesses.

Improve Your SEO

Yes, you read that right. Adding social media links and CTAs to your website can actually help your SEO strategy.

Remember the argument against social CTAs on your website? Well, according to Moz, linking out from your website can help build search relevance and it can be important for link building. Not only that, but it can also help your website rank on search engines like Google since it helps determine the relevance of your site when users search online.

9 Social Media CTAs To Use On Your Website

We’re all used to the common “follow us” or “share” buttons on many websites, but these are not as effective as specific calls to action. Take a look at these CTAs to get inspiration for your own website:

1. Connect With Me

If you’re trying to grow your professional network, this can be a great CTA to use for linking to LinkedIn. Use it on your about page, blog, or homepage.

2. Check Out My Feed

Use this CTA and follow it up with an embedded widget of your Instagram or Twitter feed to inspire visitors to take action and follow you on social media.

3. Share With Your Friends

A variation of the traditional “share” CTA, this one is more specific and will inspire visitors to share your content with a specific person they have in mind. You can also change this to something that’s more fitting to your content, like “share with your colleagues.”

4. Message Us On Facebook

A good alternative to customer service via email or phone is talking with an agent on social media. This CTA encourages clients to message you on Facebook, or any other platform you mention and interact with your brand.

5. Find Us On Instagram

Again, you can use this call to action for any social profile, but it’s a good way to remind your site visitors that you’re active on social media.

6. Talk To Us On Twitter

This CTA is very friendly and approachable and gives visitors the idea that you’re a brand that they can easily speak with.

7. Follow The Journey

If you’re launching a new product or have an ongoing campaign, encouraging visitors to follow along on social media is a great way to promote engagement. You can also use this to link to video platforms like YouTube.

8. See More On Twitter

Maybe you’ve added a photo from your Instagram page or a single Tweet from your account. Encourage visitors to head to your profiles to learn more about your brand on social media.

9. Don’t Miss a Post

Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity when you add a CTA that makes it seem like your social updates are unmissable.

More Ways to Promote Your Social Media On Your Website

Aside from CTAs, there are other fool-proof ways you can promote your social channels on your business website. Choose a few of these strategies along with some key social CTAs and you’ll see the benefits of outbound links a lot faster.

Link YouTube Videos

Link or embed your most recent YouTube video on your website. This can be on your homepage, in a blog post, or even in a pop-up. Make sure it’s something relevant, like a product demo, a review, a commercial, or even a customer testimonial. Website builders like SITE123 make it simple to add a YouTube video to any webpage.

Embed Recent Social Posts

Add an embedded post from Instagram or Twitter to show uses that you’re active online. They’ll be able to interact with the post by clicking on it and landing on your profile.

Integrate Articles Posted on LinkedIn

Are you an active poster on LinkedIn? If you have published articles on the platform, don’t be afraid to link to them from your website. It provides visitors with extra value and also exposes them to your professional profile.

To Wrap Up

Including links to your social networks is a key part in growing your audience. Don’t be afraid to link outside of your website if the visitor is going to land on a page that is still relevant to your business.

When choosing the right website builder for you, look for one that has integrated social media tools where you’ll be able to embed posts, add buttons, and draw attention to CTAs.

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