Choose the Right Website Builder for You – Comparing Wix, Site123, HostGator

Pavel Aramyan

Jul 19 2020

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A Website Builder allows anyone to build a professional, attractive, and competitive website within an hour, without any coding knowledge. However, with new brands popping up daily, how do you choose the right website builder for you?

The web has long become an inseparable part of our daily life and has drastically affected the way that we shop for goods and services. And yet, as much as 30% of small businesses don’t have a website.

The thing is, a company website isn’t optional or a luxury anymore. It’s a must. When customers enter your brand’s name in Google search, they expect to browse your site and learn more about you. If that doesn’t happen, you instantly lose every 8 out of 10 potential customers.

Much like the high-quality of services and products you offer, your website adds a vast amount of credibility to your business. It also serves as the go-to educational portal for potential customers, to showcase your offers and explain why customers should buy from you, and not from competitors.

While designing a website may seem hard for someone with zero coding skills, the truth is that today, everything is extremely simple. Industry-leading companies like Wix are equipped with hundreds of free templates for any industry, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, and don’t cost much. Combined, these features allow you to make your own website in a matter of hours, without any coding skills or design hustle.

Now, choosing a website builder is a different story. There are dozens of brands out there that offer similar features, leaving you with far too many possible choices. How do you know which builder is right for you? The answer depends on your industry, customers, and their preferences, required functionality, and brand identity. In this article, we will compare some of the best website builders – Wix, Site123, and HostGator – to help you choose a website builder as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Wix – Recommended if you don’t have a clue about anything website-related

One of the leading website builder brands in the world, Wix combines a powerful drag-and-drop editor, over 500 designer-made templates, and world-class customer support. With Wix, anyone can create a beautiful and responsive website for any industry. Furthermore, all websites have built-in SEO, which vastly improves the chances of getting found online. The brand is recommended to small and large businesses alike.

Wix is definitely the go-to website builder solution for businesses that don’t know where to start with their website. The brand offers the best all-around website building experience, which is further bolstered by excellent customer service and ease of use. You can simply contact customer support, explain your business and industry, and the Wix team will come up with unique solutions for your case.

Moreover, if you’re in a hurry and can’t find the time to speak to the customer support team, you can make use of Wix ADI. Wix ADI is essentially an AI that will build a website for you in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is answer a series of questions. The complete website will be loaded with informative content and beautiful images, feature unique design solutions, customizable color palates and fonts, and mobile and SEO optimization.

It’s important to understand that the AI-created website will not be perfect – it would still need a human touch to fully tailor it to your specific needs. However, it is more than enough to establish an online presence and make your brand accessible on the web. The tweaks and improvements can always be added at a later stage.

Finally, Wix offers a vast array of tracking tools and analytics features, including Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Yandex Metrica, etc. You can also add third-party tools if needed. Check out our fully detailed review to learn more about the brand.

Site123 – Recommended to businesses with a big emphasis on design elements

It’s extremely easy to build your website with Site123 – pick your industry, upload the content, and go live – just like 1, 2, 3!

One of the biggest advantages of Site123 is that it has the largest image and icon library for your designs in the industry. It is suitable for small and large companies alike and is primarily recommended to businesses that regard customizability as their top priority. As we all know, the beauty lies in the details and you’re not getting better customization options with any other website builder. The final website version is mobile and SEO-optimized, looks great on any screen size, and is easily discoverable by Search Engines.

The tool doesn’t feature a drag-and-drop editor, which is both a plus and a minus. It’s somewhat harder to use due to the absence of drag-and-drop functionality, but it offers a lot more room for customization. This is also why the builder is highly recommended to e-commerce businesses since you can turn the customers’ shopping experience into a real delight. Check out the Site123 review to learn more about the brand.

HostGator – Recommended to users who value ease-of-use above all else

Probably the most affordable (you can get a subscription for $3.84/month) and easy to use website builder out there, HostGator is a great deal for users that need to go online real fast – as fast as in 15 minutes. The tool is loaded with hundreds of premade, mobile-optimized templates for numerous industries, and the easiest to use drag-and-drop builder. Period. There is also a large variety of high-resolution stock photos to choose from, AND first term users get free hosting and a free domain. It’s crazy!

In terms of analytics, HostGator offers social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and Google Analytics integrations, which can be used to track the performance of all your websites built with HostGator. These allow you to analyze data and adapt your social media strategy to increase sales productivity. Check out our detailed HostGator review here.


Nowadays, you don’t need much to make your own website – just an hour of time and a modest amount of money will do. While it may seem tricky to choose a website builder, it’s really not. Do a bit of research, make sure to keep in mind your customer profile, industry-specific needs, and required functionality, and you’ll find the right tool in no time. Last but not least, talk to the brands you’re considering to work with. You will learn lots of valuable tips which will help make smarter decisions.


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