10 Amazing Free Tools To Improve Your Website

Kelly Lewis | 20.10.15 | | Comments

Whether you started a blog to voice your opinions across the web or as a way of engaging with your brand’s fans, you have most certainly faced a number of challenges when trying to improve it. How do I create my own logo? How can I find good images? What color palette should I use? How do I engage with my readers via social media networks?

The good news is that you can find tools online that enable you to do all these for free. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started.


The logo is your website’s visual identity. You know that, right? The great news is that website builders, like Wix, and professional tools like Logaster have logo generators that allow you to create a great looking logo free of charge.

Color schemes

Another element contributing to your site’s visual identity is the color palette. Taking into consideration factors like your site’s topic and the message you want to send, COLOURlovers helps you find a suitable color palette that will make your pages more memorable.

Refine your images

A picture is worth one thousand words, or so they say. Inserting strong, eye-catching images is a must. If you have your own visuals, it’s great! Most website builders (including Weebly, Wix, and Web.com) offer powerful image editors that can create a stronger impression on your site.

Another option for editing your images is using a free editing tool called Pixlr. If you do not have your own images to insert your website, you can always use royalty free pictures. Websites like morgueFile offer tens of thousands of them, and they are free of charge.


Icons are another fun way of improving your website. Some website builders have their own set of icons and allow members to use them on their sites, but even so, the range is rather limited. However, there are websites like Icones.Pro offering over 200,000 such files for free.


What about infographics? They are great, anyone will tell you! Readers love and share them. Infographics are a very efficient content marketing technique. But, how do you create them if you have no graphic design skills? Don’t worry! Free tools like Infogr.am and Piktochart have you covered. They both have an upgrade option, but the free plan is good enough for a webmaster’s needs.


You want to create gorgeous presentations and upload them to your site? There is no better tool than Haiku Deck for this! If you need some inspiration, just browse their gallery and you will certainly manage to craft beautiful slides in no time. emaze and Prezi are other two great tools for those who want to insert beautiful slideshows into their website.

Banners and other marketing materials

You have the images and came up with some nice catchy text, but don’t have the budget to hire a designer to create your marketing banners? No worries! Now you have Canva! This free design tool allows you to create professionally looking banners as well as other marketing and social media materials.

As you can see, the web is packed with free-of-charge easy-to-use professional tools that will help you improve your website and make it visually appealing in no time. Feel free to explore them!

You’ll also find that many of the leading website builders have all the tools you need, and at no extra charge. You can use our website builder comparison tool to find out which one has the right combination of tools and features for you.


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