Top 8 Great-Looking Weebly Websites

Jane Benson

Jul 31 2016

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If you’re struggling to create the site of your dreams, or even if you simply don’t believe it’s possible to build a professional site with a website builder like Weebly, this article is for you.

We’ve gathered some amazing Weebly-created sites that would be a credit to any business.

We’ll show you 8 websites created with Weebly so that you can discover the potential in terms of design and features, and if you see a site that looks just like the one you want, you know that it can be done with Weebly.

The Path

The Path

This website is all about children’s education and features great colors, a light and modern design, and dynamic backgrounds that move along with you as you scroll. The entire website is one page and the menu links scroll you down to the relevant area on the homepage. Since the homepage is very long, you can click a link at the bottom of the page to go back to the top instead of scrolling, or click a hovering arrow on the side at any time.

In terms of designs and features, the website looks like it was custom-made from scratch for the company, and you would never guess that a site builder was used.

Central Vineyard

Central Vineyard


Central Vineyard is a church community, and their website has a lot of content and links in it, which requires a very user-friendly design that is easy to navigate. The homepage has a modern design with a large header image, not a lot of text, and bold colors in a layout that comes together beautifully. The rest of the site content is contained in inner pages which can be accessed from the top menu. All of the inner pages have the same layout, with a top header like the homepage, title and text on the left, and a sidebar menu on the right. While the layout is the same, they each differ in color, making each page unique while still in line with the overall site design language.

The features on the site are very simple: a contact form and social links in the footer.



This rustic restaurant and wine bar is represented beautifully in a site that rightly focuses on the great food and unique ambience this place has to offer. The homepage features one large image and nearly no text. The design puts an emphasis on the picture the background of mouth-watering food, the title, and a call to action to book a table.

More information can be found in the menu at the bottom of the screen, including a great-looking wine menu, a food menu, contact information, and more. Located in Malta in a 15th century building, this is the perfect website to represent this unique, historic, and romantic place.

April Borrelli

April Borrelli

April Borrelli is an artist and designer, and this website says a lot about her character and personal style. Cute, colorful, and young, the website features light and pastel colors and a compact homepage. In terms of features, the site is fairly simple with an ‘About page’, a blog, and a gallery. The photo gallery displays all of April’s designs and artwork in a classic icon layout that is very similar to the homepage. The top menu has all of her social profiles so that her readers can easily follow her updates and art.

Bridal Studio

Bridal Studio

When it comes to any wedding-based business, there is a clear trend in how a website should look. When you visit this site, you don’t have to read a word to know that it is targeting brides-to-be. The design is completely in line with the latest design trends in the industry and features a minimalistic white design with four large images of beautiful women in wedding gowns.

The inner pages are mostly text, except for the Collections page which shows the latest gowns and their prices in a shop view. The site also has a beautiful and simple shop that features the products for sale in a way that truly emphasizes the beautiful images and colors.

Jag Nagra is Page 84 Design

Jag Nagra is Page 84 Design


This is a portfolio website of a designer in Canada and looks very professional and impressive. The site is a one-page scrolling site, which means all of the pages are actually on one long page and you can scroll down to read more or click the menu links to jump to a specific location.

The site is designed very professionally and is a perfect example of a web designer using a site builder instead of working with web developers. The homepage is divided into different sections, each showcasing the designer’s work and in a dynamic way that interacts with the scrolling.

Whistle and Bango

Whistle and Bango


Whistle and Bango is a jewelry shop with unique bangle designs. The site has a very young and trendy homepage that clearly features two of their bangles in large images you can’t miss. The shop features a lot of products for sale organized in a very clean and minimalistic way. The entire purchasing process, starting from adding an item to the cart to making a purchase, is completely in line with the site’s design and remains beautiful throughout it all.

The footer is also nicely designed with a center image and text links on both sides, making it look very classy.

Tampa Bay Kitchen

The Tampa Bay Kitchen offers people a licensed, shared-use commercial kitchen so that they can test and launch their business without a lot of risks. The homepage has a huge background image with a title, subtitle, and call to action button to learn more, all of which change every few seconds to feature a different image and message.

The inner pages are text-based with a fixed background that doesn’t move when you scroll. Additional features used are a contact form and Google map that shows the business’ location.

Inspired to create your own site using Weebly. As you can see, it’s a great choice, whatever your needs. Check out our full Weebly review and start building your site today.

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