About Top 5 Website Builders

As any small business will know, the cost of building a tailor made website using developers and designers can heavily eat into any profit margin. 

These days, with the growing supply of cost saving DIY website builders, the dilemma small business owners’ face is not “should I build it myself”, but “which platform should I use to build it!”

Here at Top5-WebsiteBuilders.com we have reviewed and tested all the biggest and best website builders in order to help you answer that question. You’ll find information about pricing, features, add-ons and more so you can benefit from our research and choose the best website builder for your own specific requirements.

Our mission

Often, with all the tasks and priorities undertaken in getting a startup business off the ground, many business owners will skip the research phase of investigating the different web building tools. They sign up without hesitation for what they think is the easiest and cheapest way to get their site up and running. Unfortunately, as these builders offer different features, this approach might lead to loss of money, time and reputation.

We aim to provide a way for people to make a better, more informed decision for their business. In other words we’ve done the work for you. We’ve thoroughly reviewed all the different website builders available in order to provide you with a list of the most recommended ones. We suggest you have a clear idea of what features you are looking for and choose a builder from our list that suits your needs. That way you will be able to focus on being the best at what you do, rather than on which tool to use.

How we became experts

Here at Top 5 Website Builders we have a team of three industry leading professionals focused on finding, evaluating and reviewing as many website builders sites as possible. Specializing in website development, website design/UI and online SEO, our team has an accumulated experience of more than 12 years between them and so far have assisted hundreds of businesses and individuals achieve their goals by building them the best, most suited websites. The majority of our websites continue to be a success till this very day. Today we use our vast experience to advise others on how to do it on their own.

What makes us different?

We have created this site to help other people make a more informed decision when choosing their website builder. Our goal is to emphasize the fact that it’s not necessary for you to hire a team to build your website, but with our help you can find the best website builder for your requirements and quickly, easily and effortlessly create your own professional looking website.

How we rate the brands

In our quest for the best website builder available, we spared no effort. After careful consideration of what it takes for a non-professional person to create a website, we came up with a list of very strict requirements and a grading system that helped us determine which of the available website builders are the best. We built several websites with every platform we reviewed while examining the methodology we developed and constantly refining it. We truly believe we came up with the optimal website builder examining tool.

Our deep knowledge and professional insight into the website development world makes us more suitable to analyze the different aspects required to build the perfect site. We can see what you can’t, we know what to look for and are able to make informed decision based on that. You no longer need to question which website builder is the best, we have already answered it for you.

If you have additional questions, concerns or even suggestions please feel free to contact us.


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