Here at Top 5 Web Builders we provide an overall score for each site based on a range of categories.
Here’s what we look for when we make our scoring decisions.



    We’re looking for a wide range of useful templates and design tools that hit the right balance between usability and fine-grained control. A good site will have templates to suit all kinds of projects – from blogs to webstores, along with responsive design to ensure your site looks great on mobile.



    Moving beyond design, what other tools and features does the website builder offer to help you to create a successful site. Here we’re looking for things like SEO, advertising tools and social media integration.



    Website builders are supposed to provide the tools necessary to allow anyone to create an attractive and usable website. In this category we rate brands on how easy it is for the average computer user to 
    create a unique and attractive site.



    One of the most important considerations when choosing which website builder to use is the price. After all, one of the main advantages of building your own site is the cost saving involved. Although many website builders offer a freemium model, these come with various limitations. In reaching our rating we look at the overall cost of creating a full, professional site, including the cost of such features as a unique domain, full range of templates, marketing and SEO tools, e-commerce and advertising.



    Customer support is an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right website builder.We rate sites on the speed and quality of the support they offer when you need it. Our rating also takes into consideration things like forums and help center documentation.


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