Articles for Building a Great Website

Website builders make launching your own site easy. But that’s only half the story. Content, design, marketing and user experience (UX) all play an important role in making the most of your online presence. In our articles section we aim to publish regular articles with all of the advice, tutorials and tools you need to help you build and maintain a successful website. Your input is important too. We’d love to see your tips, feedback and, yes, criticism, in the comments.

How to Find the Perfect Template for Your Website

Eric Renfro | | 450 Likes | 1 Comments
With the ever-increasing array of professional website building tools available, anyone can build a site these days, even if they lack the most basic relevant skills. Of course, there's a big difference between getting a website live, and creating...
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How to Add Customer Testimonials to Your Website

Sarah Goldstein | | 89 Likes | 1 Comments
Consumers today rely heavily (and primarily) on other customer reviews and testimonials to make their purchasing decision. Companies like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and CNET are helping thousands of people decide where to eat, stay, and which product to buy...
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Beat Wix’s SEO Team and Win $50,000

Eric Renfro | | 117 Likes | 0 Comments
If you think that you’ve got world-beating SEO skills and you’re ready to prove it, then you’ll want to get involved in Wix’s SEO Hero Challenge before time runs out to compete for that $50,000 cash prize....
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5 Sign-Up Forms That Increase User Engagement

Karen Hayoun | | 91 Likes | 0 Comments
Forms are an important part of any website: whether they’re your main call to action, or just part of your "contact" page. In this article, we'll discuss sign-up forms that help you increase your subscribers and leads. Sign-up forms are especially...
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5 Examples of Awesome Wix Websites

Kelly Lewis | | 210 Likes | 2 Comments
Before you consider which website builder you'll use to build your site, we recommend reading reviews and all of the information the site builder provides so that you know about their features and packages. One thing that many people forget to do...
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Top 8 Great-Looking Weebly Websites

Jane Benson | | 179 Likes | 2 Comments
If you’re struggling to create the site of your dreams, or even if you simply don’t believe it’s possible to build a professional site with a website builder like Weebly, this article is for you....
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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Website

Kelly Lewis | | 238 Likes | 0 Comments
You're about to tie the knot and one of the first things on your "to do" list is designing and sending out the invitations. But before you start arguing over card stock and fonts, you should seriously consider how much time, effort and money a...
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How to Build a Great Landing Page Using BoldGrid

Karen Hayoun | | 222 Likes | 0 Comments
BoldGrid is a unique site builder that is actually an extension to WordPress. This means that you can use BoldGrid to build your WordPress website without having to write code or use complicated tools....
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How to Improve Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Karen Hayoun | | 311 Likes | 2 Comments
From the moment you start your business and build a website, you'll need to start to keep a close eye on your site’s bounce rate. Knowing what your bounce rate is, and how to improve it, can have a significant impact on your business, and many...
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New Wix Templates 2016 – Our Verdict

Jane Benson | | 338 Likes | 2 Comments
When it comes to creating a website for your business, it's important to invest the time and resources in building a site that will support your goal. That could be to get sales, leads, or just an online reputation....
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How to Create an Awesome 404 Page

Karen Hayoun | | 325 Likes | 0 Comments
If you have a website for your business, whether it's a blog or an online shop, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of investing in a good 404 page. It could mean the difference between lost visitors and those who stay on your site and...
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7 Things You Need to Have on Your Small Business Website

Eric Renfro | | 344 Likes | 2 Comments
You’ve decided to build a website for your business and grow your visibility in the online environment? Good idea! Now, let’s see what are the basic requirements that will help your website become a business and profit generating engine. 1. A...
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Finding the Best Hosting Service for Your Website

Ray Rosenfeld | | 475 Likes | 0 Comments
With such a wide range of web hosting providers offering their services at appealing prices, choosing the right option for your website might seem like a daunting task for a novice webmaster....
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Where to Get Free Images for Your Website

Eric Renfro | | 314 Likes | 0 Comments
Visuals constitute a big part of a website’s appeal. A web page without appealing photos or graphics stands little chance of retaining visitors, or getting them to read the text, click on links or buy the products....
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How to Build a Portfolio Website that Gets You Hired

Karen Hayoun | | 441 Likes | 1 Comments
If you’re a photographer, graphic designer, or an artist you probably already know that the best way to showcase your work in the digital age is to build an online portfolio. It’s one of the most efficient ways to find new clients for your...
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Why Every Business Website Needs a Blog

Karen Hayoun | | 370 Likes | 0 Comments
You have a website or an online store, but no blog associated with it? If having an online presence and visibility is important for your business, then you should start a blog right now. Here’s why:...
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10 Amazing Free Tools to Improve Your Website

Kelly Lewis | | 345 Likes | 0 Comments
Whether you started a blog to voice your opinions across the web or as a way of engaging with your brand’s fans, you have most certainly faced a number of challenges when trying to improve it. How do I create my own logo? How can I find good...
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What Is SSL and Why It Is Important

Jane Benson | | 389 Likes | 0 Comments
While opening a wide range of new opportunities, the Internet has brought along a number of dangers as well. The possibility to shop online for food, books, clothes, gifts and many other items has certainly made our lives easier. On the other hand,...
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Small Businesses Favorite – vs. GoDaddy

Ray Rosenfeld | | 315 Likes | 1 Comments
Want to make your own website, but haven’t decided which platform to use yet? Choosing the right website builder for your needs is not an easy job, and picking between two of the market leaders is certainly even harder. Both brands have earned the...
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Integrating Facebook into Your Online Store

Eric Renfro | | 457 Likes | 0 Comments
A way of communicating friends and family, a means to getting in touch with former high school mates, Facebook has become a multi-use platform, incorporating advertising, political and social debates, marketing, and even sales. Until not so long...
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5 Reasons to Start Building Your Website Today

Eric Renfro | | 520 Likes | 4 Comments
Building an interactive website or an online store from scratch is no easy job, especially if done for the first time. It’s actually a big project requiring a respectable amount of time, money, and effort. Luckily, the tech world never ceases...
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5 E-Commerce Mistakes That Are Killing Your Sales

Ray Rosenfeld | | 343 Likes | 2 Comments
Starting a retail business on your own is not an easy thing, but trying your hands at e-commerce can seem even scarier than most other ventures. You not only need to have a deep knowledge of the market you are trying to conquer, but you must also...
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Wix vs. Weebly

Kelly Lewis | | 346 Likes | 2 Comments
Choosing the right website builder is not an easy task, especially given that there are so many professional website builders and tools available at affordable prices. Two of the most popular such platforms, Wix and Weebly offer a variety of...
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5 Easy Steps: Build Your Stunning Website in No Time

Jane Benson | | 482 Likes | 15 Comments
Want to build your website but not entirely sure how to get started? It may not seem this way at first, but building your own website is a quick and simple process which does not require any background in design and coding. All you need is a little...
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Free vs. Paid Website Builder? 6 Things to Consider

Eric Renfro | | 530 Likes | 3 Comments
Cost always plays an important role in a long-term decision like picking the platform on which to build your website. If you take a comparative look at some of the website builders available on the market right now, you will notice that prices range...
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Domain or Subdomain: What Is the Difference?

Ray Rosenfeld | | 523 Likes | 10 Comments
When you are new to building and managing websites, you will encounter concepts you never knew existed, and you are faced with a series of dilemmas. One of the top questions regarding a website’s administration refers to the use of domains and...
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How to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Eric Renfro | | 541 Likes | 2 Comments
We have all seen the use of mobile phones, and more specifically smart phones taking the world by storm and helping us all achieve things on the move that would have been impossible previously. These mobile devices have made their way into the core...
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The Art of Creating a Great Website

Jane Benson | | 938 Likes | 1 Comments
Building a great website is the corner stone of every successful business or a self starting individual. But building a site from scratch might be unfamiliar territory. Do not let this scare you away. Building a website is easy, as long as you...
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Choose the Best Website Template for Your Business

Jane Benson | | 355 Likes | 0 Comments
Once you decide to build your own website, one of the first things you need to do is to choose a great template. You don't have to be a master of the graphic arts to decide on your desired template. However, with a multitude of options at your...
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Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

Website builders offer an array of designed themes, templates, and WYSIWYG web editors that help you build a wonderful website without needing any technical skills or... Read More

Do I Need to Download Any Software?

Normally, the use of website building tools does not involve downloading any software. Most of these platforms have an easy to use drag and drop interface that allows... Read More

Can I Make Money With My Site?

Monetizing a website is an important aspect of any business, big or small. Making money from your website is possible through the use of either advertisements insertion... Read More

5 Rules to Writing an Excellent About Page

We all know that people form strong opinions based on first impressions, and that a well-crafted, strong, self-introduction is a critical part of making a good first... Read More

5 Tips for Good Call To Action Button

Its important to know what your visitors are engaging in whilst they are browsing your website, and Google Analytics provide metrics that will enable you to follow this.... Read More

5 Ways to Monetize Your Website

Although the majority of the websites are built as a gateway to a business, and as such have a commercial section that generates income, any website can actually make... Read More

A Tip for Keywords Research

The majority of traffic that a website gets will come through search engines – for example Google. The search engines will search all available data, websites, landing... Read More