Best DIY Website Builders 2017

Last Update: Thursday 2017-05-25 02:19
Do you want to build an online website without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional web designer? Well, the sky's the limit! Building a website by yourself is a very simple thing to do nowadays. NO technical skills are needed at any point, and NO web design degree required. All you have to do is simply look at our Top5 list of the best Do It Yourself website builders, and click on the one you like most. They're all fabulously easy to comprehend, We truly believe you can do it all by yourself!

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The most popular website editor with designer-made themes and well-rounded set of features.

500 + Templates

Unmetered Space
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Preview has very quickly established themselves as one of the best when it comes to website builders. Having started out with an innovative flash based platform, Wix has evolved to include a very impressive and exciting HTML5 and JavaScript system. Their cloud based platform includes.

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A turn-key solution for building a website: free domain, easy-to-use drag&drop editor, and reliable hosting.

1000 + Templates

Unmetered Space
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If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to start building a website from a scratch, eHost is the right answer for you: they provide you with a free domain, a professional drag and drop site builder, not to mention unmetered space storage and bandwidth, unmetered MySQL databases and thousands of ...

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A powerful platform with a nice all-in-one bundle: free domain, easy drag & drop editor, reliable hosting.

1000 + Templates

Unmetered Space
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Preview is typically best when it comes to building websites for commercial or small businesses. users can select a template, point and click, choose any additional tools or add-ons and be left with a professional looking website in no time at all.

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The Site123 web builder offers an easy step-by-step guide to build your own website. The innovative and user-friendly tools simplify all web building processes from start to finish.

50 + Templates

10GB Space
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Site123 has stepped onto the scene and really made an impact straight off the mark. This nifty web builder is the perfect solution for private or business internet users, it’s vast array of simple tools spare the hassle of ever needing any web design or coding expertise. Its advanced wizard combines with the ready-made styles and layouts puts everything on a plate, so all you need to do is enjoy the experience.

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Benefits of building your own website with DIY website builder

With an increasing number of website building tools available at very low or no costs at all, many people can put the idea of building a website themselves into practice. Whether they are into blogging, affiliate marketing or eCommerce, there are plenty of benefits to this whole venture, which go beyond the intended purpose of the website:

Developing New Skills

Building a website from scratch is an exciting learning experience during which you will acquire a new set of skills, which might prove their usefulness in the future. HTML and CSS editing, files uploads, content marketing, search engine optimization, web design, all this may seem easy to someone who has done it before, but they are a total mystery for newbie. 

No need to pay for costly training courses, or read boring books about a subject matter. The best way to learn a new trade is, in many cases, by doing. This is exactly what someone taking on this challenge does. Let’s say you know a little bit about web design, but, by the end of it, you will turn into a fully trained web developer, able to oversee an entire project, not only to take care of his small slice. 

Leaving a Digital Print

Having your name out there, in the digital world, is of utmost importance today, when HR companies and prospective employers use the internet to crosscheck facts and references. Looking for your next career opportunity in a related area? Use the great website that you built yourself to boost your chances of being called-up for an interview. Even if the job you are pursuing is not related to website building, you can still use it as a way of demonstrating your tenacity, your willingness to develop new skills, and your project management skills. 

Increasing Your Online Visibility

Whether your goal is expanding your online portfolio or your retail business, building a website yourself can be the exact opportunity to do so. If you are, for instance, a photographer looking for new money making opportunities, your website will represent your online business card, and a portfolio you have full control over. 

Opening Yourself to Interdisciplinary Horizons

In today’s world, you cannot survive by being an expert only on a small niche. While thorough knowledge of your area of expertise is still required and appreciated, one has to widen his horizons and always explore new directions. Creating own website yourself is the right opportunity to open yourself to interdisciplinary horizons, and see things from a broader perspective. 

Costs Saving

Last, but not least, it is always cheaper to do things yourself rather than pay the experts to do it. With a large array of professional website building tools at your disposal, you can save a lot of money and reallocate these funds to other areas of your business. If you build the website, create content and craft the design pieces for yourself, there might be some more money left for online advertising, for instance.


Although it might seem scary at the beginning, building a website yourself is an interesting challenge and a beneficial opportunity, both from a business-like point of view, and for your professional development.