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Given the fast development of the field of online shopping, more and more eCommerce website building platforms appear on the market. BigCommerce was launched in 2003, and has helped many webmasters design and manage their online store.

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Design and Templates - Website builder review

Design & Templates

Offering over 100 free website design templates, BigCommerce makes it easy for online shop owners to build an appealing and trustworthy looking e-commerce website. More premium templates with prices ranging from $120 – $250 are available for you to dress your online store, and they all have editable HTML/CSS files. BigCommerce’s Style Editor is a professional and user-friendly tool that enables you to modify the look of your storefront even if you have no HTML/CSS knowledge at all. Moreover, all templates are optimized for mobile browsing.
If you are afraid to try your hands at tweaking the HTML code yourself, you can access BigCommerce’s marketplace and hire a third party designer either to create a custom design storefront for your shop or to adapt an existing template to your needs.

Product - Website builder review

Products Listing and Inventory Management

When managing your online sales via this eCommerce website building platform, you can always check your orders’ status, process them either individually or in bulk, print out invoices and other documents within the same control panel. Moreover, BigCommerce enables you to add extra features to your online store using third party apps such as’ Ordoro’ for dropshipping, or ‘Sellbrite’ for managing your sales across multiple marketplaces.
Another great feature BigCommerce offers is the lack of restrictions as far as the number of products is concerned. This eCommerce builder also comes with many products options, allowing you to enter details such as size, color or shape for each particular product.

Features - Website builder review

Marketing Tools

Allowing discount and coupon codes, easy integration with the main social media networks and retail platforms BigCommerce provides you with a wide range of marketing tools to promote your eCommerce website through a multitude of channels. Its SEO friendly templates as well as the built-in tools enabling you to create high ranking pages ensure you dominate the search engines, earning traffic and potential customers organically. As far as customer retention is concerned, BigCommerce comes with professional tools such as a built-in newsletter sing-up, and automatically generated customers lists.

Payment methods - Website builder review

Payment Options

BigCommerce offers your customers the possibility to make payments when purchasing your products using over 60 different payment processors in the currency of their choice. BigCommerce’s payment options include the ever-popular ‘PayPal’, ‘Stripe’ and ‘’, as well as the major types of credit cards.
Whether you are a Standard, Plus or Enterprise member, BigCommerce doesn’t charge transaction fees.

Value for money - Website builder review

Value for Money

This eCommerce website builder provides online shops owners with top notch security, making sure your customers’ data cannot fall in the wrong hands. When you build your store on BigCommerce, your website will be Level 1 PCI compliant and it will be included in a shared SSL certificate. If you want your store to have its own SSL certificate, this option is also available, but you will have pay for it.
Another safety feature BigCommerce offers is automatically backing up your website’s data, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on your content and having to do the work all over again if something crashes.

Safety - Website builder review


3DCart takes your website’s security very seriously, offering you the highest level of protection for your transactions and your customers’ data. As of February 2009, this eCommerce website building platform offers exclusive PCI DDS compliant e-commerce solutions, fulfilling all the requirements for credit card processing.
A shared GeoTrust SSL certificate is included in the package, but different other options of custom SSL certificates are available for purchase: QuickSSL using 256-bit encryption for $149, RapidSSL for $99, GeoTrust EV SSL for $227, Symantec™ Secure Site for $399, or $995 (the premium package with EV).

Support - Website builder review

Customer Support

With BigCommerce you benefit from 24/7 technical support. Their agents can be reached via phone, but also by email or live chat. Besides having someone available to answer your questions and help you solve your online store’s issues at any time of the day or night, you can also learn how the platform works, how to make various set-ups and add certain features by watching their video tutorials at BigCommerce University.

Conclusion - Website builder review


Offering plenty of useful features, mobile friendly website design templates, and easy integration of 3rd party apps, BigCommerce is a good choice of eCommerce website builder if you want to an SEO friendly and good looking online shop. Moreover, BigCommerce will make your life easier enabling you to extend your market potential and sell through well-known social media and retail platforms like ‘Facebook’, ‘eBay’ and ‘Etsy’.

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Share Your View

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