Although the majority of the websites are built as a gateway to a business, and as such have a commercial section that generates income, any website can actually make money. There are many different ways to monetize your website online. Depending on what your website is about, a large number of these techniques can be implemented to earn you cash. Note that these revenue streams are NOT mutually exclusive; many websites employ multiple monetization strategies to maximize overall revenue. To assist you in your goal to maximize your cash flow the following are the best monetization methods today:


If your website generates a lot of content, for example you are a blog creator; the simplest way for you to make money out of your website is to utilize your traffic. Connect your site with an ad network provider and every click a visitor makes on the ads they plant on your site means money in your pocket. You actually have the option to add this capability to your website when you’re developing it. Some webpage design tools, such as Wix, provide you with the option to insert Google AdSense when you’re building your site. That way you can start earning money from the get go.

Partner Up

An effective way to monetize your website is through affiliation marketing. If you’ve managed to accumulate a loyal group of followers or a membership only club, you can use your website as a platform to promote third party products. In many ways it is a win – win situation as you can offer your members some sort of discount and in exchange for sending your visitors in their direction, these third parties will offer you a cut of their sales. You don’t actually have to look for partners; similar to display advertising, affiliate marketing relationships can be established through networks. Almost all DIY website builder tools such as Weebly or allow adding in text links, so incorporating a third party links into one of your posts shouldn’t be a problem.

Mailing List

A mailing list is a very popular way to keep in touch with your website visitors. As they sign up to receive new content published on the site, they instantly become part of your site’s community. Most lists are precious since it takes time and effort to accumulate followers. This list could help you earn money because you can use it to send out sponsored emails, in other words “lend” the list to a third party for the purpose of communicating with your audience. Of course you would have to get your user’s permission to do so and allow them to opt-out if they wish to. Similar to other monetization methods professional website builder such as offers tools to create your own mailing list with little to no effort at all.


Valuable content can be a source of revenue. Think of websites which provide Foreign exchange trends or stock related tips and advices etc. it might be worth a lot of money to some people, to the extent that they would be willing to pay to get it first. This is just one example out of many on how to monetize access to certain features in your website. Many websites operate on a “freemium” model, making a significant portion of their total content available at no cost while charging a fee to access certain “premium” content. The website builder offers a superb membership only developing app so you can start planning your monetization plan from day one.

Registered Events

Some websites promote products, services and even ideas by hosting paid events for their target markets. Paid events can include conferences, networking events, trade shows, webinars, virtual conferences etc. Paid events for registered users only can boost your earnings and thicken your community. It can help you both earn money and market your site or service.
Website upkeep costs money. That alone should not deter you from creating and maintaining a website, especially since the website itself could prove to be a money maker with a high potential of ROI (Return of Investment). Using one or a combination of several of the above monetization strategies will help you profit.