Before you consider which website builder you’ll use to build your site, we recommend reading reviews and all of the information the site builder provides so that you know about their features and packages.

One thing that many people forget to do is to seek out examples of completed websites by other users. This gives you a good idea of what can be done with the site builder.

We chose 5 impressive websites created with Wix to give you a better idea of exactly what this highly popular site builder is capable of.


Shme Customs

Shme is an artist who loves sports and art, which is very clear on this beautifully designed website. Her website is where she sells customized sneakers after she has pained them in creative and imaginative ways, giving them her own personal and beautiful twist.


Shme Customs - Wix Website Builder Examples


The website itself perfectly portrays her fun and artistic style, with large images, bold colors, and a dynamic scrolling that moves with you as you browse the different images on the homepage and site. This is a perfect example of how Wix allows you to really do anything you want when it comes to design.

The page layout on this website features columns with images one side and text on the other. There’s also a nice little app added at the bottom of the site where you can see how many visitors have been there before you.

The website is one long page, and you can scroll down to view the contents in the order the creator intended, or you can click the menu links to jump to the corresponding section on the page. Thanks to a simple forms app, placing an order on the website is easy. You simply choose the type of sneaker you want and fill out a form with more information for the artist.

The gallery, which is on a separate page, is very unique and displays all of the image thumbnails in a beehive structure. You can choose from multiple gallery options on Wix and even try a few gallery apps for additional design options and features, and this is a great example of how you can use galleries to make an impression.

Visit Shme Customs


Soul Rooster

Soul Rooster is a gym in the Tampa Bay area that offers group fitness classes. Their brand voice is fun, exciting, and all about relieving stress and waking up.


Soul Rooster - Wix Website Builder Example


They’ve definitely succeeded in getting that message across with their website design. The homepage has a simple white background, but the images and logo are well placed and make it all look like something you want to read more about.

The images on the homepage are actually links to more information about their classes and services and they are arranged in a Polaroid image design to make things even more interesting. The way the pictures are arranged would be complicated if not impossible with other website builders, but with Wix it’s just a matter of dragging the images and rotating them until you like what you see.

This website also features a very useful and popular app: Facebook feeds. In one of the inner pages, you can see the business’ feed on Facebook without having to leave their website. Another app used often is the map app, which is on the contact page and gives customers a better idea of where exactly the business is located and how to get there.

Visit Soul Rooster


Seven Grams Caffé

The Seven Grams Caffé website is a widescreen one-page site that allows you to either scroll down to read more about them, or click the top menu links to jump to the section that you want.


Seven Grams Caffe - Wix Website Builder Example


The catchy name refers to the exact 7 grams required to make the perfect shot of espresso, and they create a design that really boasts their homemade Italian baked goods and coffee. They chose a fitting template for their business, with large mouthwatering photos to tempt hungry customers to pay a visit.

Visit Seven Grams Caffe


Who the Dickens

Created for a shop in Australia that sells eco-friendly handmade products, this site features a really unique look.


Who the Dickens - Wix Website Example


The homepage displays many of their different categories and products so that first-time visitors can quickly and easily get a better idea of the kind of products that they sell. There are multiple menus placed on the homepage in different areas, which is convenient due to the many pages and content that this shops needs on their site.

It’s an ecommerce website, so visitors can add items to their cart and make a purchase online.

Visit Who the Dickens


Vita Aloe

This business sells fresh and healthy aloe drinks that are bottled within an hour of extraction in order to retain all of the health benefits.


Vita Aloe - Wix Website Example


They chose a great design that tells their visitors that they are all about refreshing and healthy summer drinks. All of the website’s pages have a fixed image that stays put even if you scroll down, and some of the titles and images on the site are animated when you first visit the page.

The site itself has very simple features, but you don’t always need a lot to impress your users. The design looks great and just in line with the brand’s voice and online presence, and users can easily read all about the drinks and its benefits on the website’s inner pages.

Visit Vita Aloe


These are only a few of the thousands of amazing and professional Wix websites out there. With the new features coming out on a regular basis, website builders are no longer just for small businesses.

More and more large companies choose to use site builders every year to save on design and coding costs and to give their marketing team more control over the website’s look and content.

Kelly Lewis
Kelly is mostly known for her analytical abilities, as well as excellent written and verbal communication. Kelly posses vast experience in the following: AJAX, JQuery and Entity Framework. Kelly loves to contribute her pearls of wisdom to the Top 5 Website Builders blog on a regular basis.
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    I am looking to create a specialty parts website for machinery. I can’t seem to find a website template that works for a resale parts website. Any comments? Help!!!

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    Any jewelry site tips? I am unique in that I make two and three piece sets with aluminum and copper wire instead of gold and silver to keep costs down. Some have very detailed work with many parts, and look expensive and intricate, but didn’t cost me much to make just hard work. I would be competitive in cost and design. I appreciate any tips, I am a newbie. Thanks Janet