You have a website or an online store, but no blog associated with it? If having an online presence and visibility is important for your business, then you should start a blog right now. Here’s why:

Organic Traffic

Blogs are the perfect SEO strategy to boost your organic traffic, especially if you don’t frequently update your website’s pages or publish new ones. Search engines don’t like static content. Their algorithms tend to rank those websites with fresh content higher and push down the ones with stale content, not to mention that writing about current events might give you a place in Google News. The higher the organic traffic your pages attract, the more opportunities you get to convert visitors into customers.


Having a business website blog gives you the most flexibility regarding the topics to write about. While your posts will still have to be related to your website’s niche, you can always expand your horizons. For instance, if you run an online clothing store, you can publish blog posts about current trends, fashion events, but also about celebrities and their outfits.

User Engagement

This flexibility gives you the opportunity to write about trending topics or controversial ones. These are the kind of things people like reading about. This is also the type of content readers tend to share via social media or comment upon. An active blog has all the potential to become the home of a thriving community, bringing together like-minded people.


The comments you get on your blog or across various social media channels are not only precious pieces of user-generated content that search engines love. They offer great feedback regarding your website, your products and services, and your marketing strategy. This is a very efficient way of measuring your success, and of knowing whether you are on the right track or not.

Brand Image

When you publish industry news, case studies and research results, you become a respected authority in your field. This is the best way to boost your brand’s image, to establish your name as an industry leader and reliable expert on the subject matter. The more people trust your brand, the more likely they are to buy your products, use your services and recommend them to others.

Content Marketing

Words are powerful marketing weapons that can turn an occasional visitor into a fan, a fan into a first time customer, then into a returning customer and eventually, into a brand ambassador. Promoting your content via different marketing and social media channels is a great way to boost exposure and increase your customer database.

In a nutshell, blogs are no longer a website’s fancy accessory. Having a blog is not a luxury, but a pure necessity. From driving traffic to building brand awareness and from a marketing and SEO strategy to a way of getting feedback from your customers, blogs are important tools you can use to boost your online visibility. So, what are you waiting for? Start building a blog right now!

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Karen Hayoun
Karen is a copywriter and social media strategist with extensive experience working with small businesses and corporations, both B2B and B2C. With her expertise in online marketing and knowledge of website creation, there’s no better person to turn to if you want to craft an incredible website that gets noticed.
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