Social media has take over our lives, and as such, it has become an inseparable part of marketing and advertising strategies for businesses – large and small.

If you have a business, it is highly recommended to create a social media marketing strategy that supports your brand and overall goals.

That is something that takes a long time to build and implement, but there is something you can do that will improve your traffic and popularity, and that’s integrating social features on your website.

This will allow various social networks to work with your website and will make it easier for your readers and customers to share your website and its content with their followers and connections.

The good news is that all of our recommended website builders include a variety of social media tools that you can easily integrate into your site with just a few clicks.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

The Basics

Share Buttons

This is especially important if you have a blog on your site! Make sure to add social sharing buttons on every single page of your website.

Don’t add a list with ten buttons, choose the networks that are most important and are used most often by your target audience so as not to confuse them.

You can use a widget that shows only two or three share buttons, and users can expand it to present other networks that are available.

If you really want to see results, consider asking people at the end of your blog to share your post. You’ll be surprised at the huge difference that can make!

Follow Buttons

Follow buttons are just as important as share buttons. They usually appear on a section of the website that doesn’t change, like the menu, footer, or sidebar.

This will encourage people who visit your website or read your blog content, to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This is especially important if you don’t have a blog or an email list.

When someone visits your website, getting them to like your page or follow you on Twitter is a way to “save” them and continue your communication with them even after they leave the site.

Next Steps

Social Login Capabilities

If your website involves services that require users to create an account and log in, you should seriously consider allowing social login. This means that a user can register and log in with their Facebook account (or any other social network).

Over 70% of online users prefer to use an existing social account when logging in, so this can significantly improve your conversion rate.

Embedded Feeds

You can embed a social feed on your website for visitors to see your latest posts. For example, you can add your Twitter feed to your sidebar and it will display your last three tweets, or if you add Facebook, it can show your last two posts.

This can be done with every social network, so choose wisely depending on your product. If you have very visual products and want to increase your following on Instagram or Pinterest, you can add these feeds to show off your photos and increase exposure.

Integrate Social Proof

Social proof is a way of making you appear more trustworthy and real to your visitors. There are a number of widgets and plugins that allow you to do this, like Facebook’s social widget, and it will make you look more credible.

Consumers will be able to see that you’re a real person or business, they’ll see if their friends are also following you, and will feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

This is only a small part of your social media strategy, but it is a start. The easier you make it for users and visitors to share your content, the more it will be shared!

Karen Hayoun
Karen is a copywriter and social media strategist with extensive experience working with small businesses and corporations, both B2B and B2C. With her expertise in online marketing and knowledge of website creation, there’s no better person to turn to if you want to craft an incredible website that gets noticed.
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  • Linda Berry

    I want to publish a blog that I can instruct people in home cleaning and also gardening. I had a housecleaning business for over 30 years cleaning new construction for 14 building contractors so I could advise people who are building new homes. Also have had close a 100 private homes that I cleaned along with my 12 employees. I am retired now but still clean 4 private homes weekly. Also garden, have raised upto 600 field mums in one season, plus vegetable garden , flowerbeds and indoor plants. As far as the cleaning goes I want to give tips on specific cleaning supplies. Do I need permission from the producers of the products and could I get paid for advertising them. I don’t know if people would actually buy these products through me, as you can go to any Walmart and buy them, so could they be able to give discounts or coupons for buying the products through me. Thanks for your help.