How To Create A Website

Our How-To section is filled with useful, easy-to-understand articles on a whole range of topics. From search engine optimization and social media strategy to design and user experience, we’ve got in-depth step-by-step guides and lots of expert tips and advice on building a website and making it a success. Whether you’re making a blog, portfolio or a website for your business, you’re bound to discover invaluable insights that will help you build a site that really stands out.

*The following tips and articles are solely recommendations and should not be considered as professional advice.

How To Add Customer Testimonials To Your Website

Jane Benson | | 508 Likes | 1 Comments
Consumers today rely heavily (and primarily) on other customer reviews and testimonials to make their purchasing decision. Companies like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and CNET are helping thousands of people decide where to eat, stay, and which product to buy...
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How To Create An Awesome 404 Page

Karen Hayoun | | 708 Likes | 1 Comments
If you have a website for your business, whether it's a blog or an online shop, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of investing in a good 404 page. It could mean the difference between lost visitors and those who stay on your site and...
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How to Build A Portfolio Website That Gets You Hired

Karen Hayoun | | 849 Likes | 1 Comments
If you’re a photographer, graphic designer, or an artist you probably already know that the best way to showcase your work in the digital age is to build an online portfolio. It’s one of the most efficient ways to find new clients for your...
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5 Easy Steps: Build Your Stunning Website in No Time

Jane Benson | | 823 Likes | 15 Comments
Want to build your website but not entirely sure how to get started? It may not seem this way at first, but building your own website is a quick and simple process which does not require any background in design and coding. All you need is a little...
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How To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Karen Hayoun | | 687 Likes | 2 Comments
From the moment you start your business and build a website, you'll need to start to keep a close eye on your site’s bounce rate. Knowing what your bounce rate is, and how to improve it, can have a significant impact on your business, and many...
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Integrating Facebook Into Your Online Store

Eric Renfro | | 840 Likes | 0 Comments
A way of communicating friends and family, a means to getting in touch with former high school mates, Facebook has become a multi-use platform, incorporating advertising, political and social debates, marketing, and even sales. Until not so long...
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Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Wedding Website

Kelly Lewis | | 585 Likes | 0 Comments
You're about to tie the knot and one of the first things on your "to do" list is designing and sending out the invitations. But, before you start arguing over card stock and fonts, you should seriously consider how much time, effort and money a...
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Where to Get Free Images for Your Website

Eric Renfro | | 672 Likes | 0 Comments
Visuals constitute a big part of a website’s appeal. A web page without appealing photos or graphics stands little chance of retaining visitors, or getting them to read the text, click on links or buy the products....
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How To Build and Maintain a Website

How to Maintain Your Website Once it’s Finished

Whether you are running an e-commerce business or just a simple company website, you would be wrong assuming that all the hard work is behind you the moment you finish your website. While building it on the first place is a huge project, managing a website is a continuous and sometimes tedious work. There are quite a few aspects you need to consider updating on a regular basis:

Content Updates

Does your website have a blog and news section? First of all, if the answer is “no”, you should really think about adding one. Second, this section is supposed to keep your readers and/or customers informed, whether this is about your products or the trends within the industry. As new trends emerge on the market, events happen or your company’s voice gets reshaped, you need to communicate it to your website’s visitors.

Besides that, you should consider checking your facts from time to time. The About Us page, the testimonials received from clients and the staff directory are just a few places worth updating regularly.

Adding New Features or Products

Managing a functional website? Offering subscription based services? Running an online store? No matter the case, you should consider updating and upgrading your website by adding new features, products or services. The best way to identify these updates is to ask your customers’ opinion through market surveys and one-on-one conversations.

Website Design

As in many other fields, the trends in website design change with time. A website that looked fresh and modern 5 years ago certainly lost some of its appeal today. Sometimes, a design update is imposed by other changes within your company or the structure of your website. Anyway, you should always keep in mind that website design is an important branding element worth investing in and keeping up-to-date.

So, the answer to your question “Is there any maintenance once I finish my website?” is a strong “Yes”. Nowadays websites are dynamic and they require quite an amount of time investment. Keep that in mind before you set on the website building journey.

How to Build Your Own Successful Website

Here are the essential steps to building your own website:

1. Get a domain name

2. Choose a web host & sign up for an account

3. Design your web pages

4. Get your site noticed

5. Test your website

Visit the full article to learn more.

How to Make a Mobile-friendly Website

There are several ways to make a website mobile friendly. You can have a separate mobile version of your website, setting the appropriate redirects for when a user accesses your pages from a mobile device. A second and more popular method lies in responsive design that adapts to the user’s screen. This option is recommended by most website builders, and some of them also have incorporated tools or add-ons that will help you make your website mobile-friendly. As mobile browsing experience is different from the desktop one, the best is to pick a tool that would allow you to edit your website’s mobile version.

How to Choose a Great Domain Name

A website is usually developed with some sort of a concept in mind. It can either be promoting a business, presenting personal achievements, sharing ideas with your community, etc. As a website designer, you need to make sure that users are able to find your site and the information within it easily. Whether you are building a personal site or a commercial one, it’s important to select a website domain name that accurately reflects what your website is about. Even so, getting your perfect domain name might not be so straight forward. What happens if you cannot get the domain name of your choice?

Which Name Should I Choose?

Choosing the correct domain name is important as it is represents what people will remember you by. If you have an existing brand name that you’re known for, you should consider using it as part of your domain name since this name has already accumulated some sort of awareness. If your perfect name is taken, don’t be discouraged, since most of the traffic will come from Search Engines and keywords, you do have some flexibility when it comes to choosing the actual domain name. Try coming up with a few terms or phrases that best describe your website. You might want to try combining your preferred name with these terms or phrases. Some sort of combination would probably work for you.

Domain names should be bought but it does not mean they have to be pricy. Most website builders allow you to purchase a domain name and create eCommerce website or a personal site all in one package. Also you may be interested in the difference of domain and subdomain selection.

Remember, your domain name should be memorable as for the simple reason that when people think of your website, they’ll think of it by name.


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