Want to make your own website, but haven’t decided which platform to use yet? Choosing the right website builder for your needs is not an easy job, and picking between two of the market leaders is certainly even harder. Both brands have earned the trust of millions of subscribers from all around the world, and for very good reasons indeed: both offer professional website building tools at highly competitive prices. So, let’s dig dipper into this, and see why Web.com and GoDaddy are the preferred website builders of many small business owners:

Web Design

With a drag-and-drop web page editor, Web.com certainly provides you with the comfort you are looking for. No need for coding, no complex settings. Inserting visual files and tweaking a page’s layout is as easy as pie. Moreover, when you subscribe you gain access to thousands of professional website design templates and a sizeable library of professional royalty free images that you can use free of charge.

GoDaddy’s website editor certainly matches all Web.com’s level of professionalism. Depending on the plan you choose, you get access to a number of business and personal website themes that are fully customizable, so you can edit them to make your pages look exactly the way you want. They also make available to their subscribers a gallery of over 20,000 stock images.

eCommerce Website Builder

Taking into consideration that e-trade has become increasingly popular during the last years, both brands offer eCommerce platforms that any small business owner can use to create an online store quickly and efficiently. Web.com focuses on design, allowing you to build visually appealing pages that would boost your brand’s images. At the same time, they offer professional tools for secure payment processing, efficient management of orders and inventory, emails marketing, sales analytics and reporting.

GoDaddy tops all this with a professional customer support available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This comes in handy especially if you are a novice to website building. Having a go-to address for technical issues you cannot solve on your own is a great relief.


It is rather difficult to say which of the two has a better offer, when dealing with prices that start at $1, respectively $1.95 for the first month. Obviously, the packages’ content is different and your decision must take this into consideration.

To sum it up, both Web.com and GoDaddy are terrific website builders any small business owner can make use of to create a professionally looking and well performing website. The choice lies in the fine tuning. Web.com makes it easy to upload new content and design a website even if you have no coding skills at all. GoDaddy brings along a strong brand reputation and outstanding records, not to mention plenty of extras.

No matter which one you go for, you are bound to enjoy the benefits of an excellent product that will eventually help you build a great website.

Ray Rosenfeld
When it comes to UI and online SEO, Ray is your guy. Ray holds 6 years of experience under his giant wings. He is highly successful at assisting businesses and individuals increase their websites prominence using various methods. Now Ray mostly enjoys writing and sharing his vast knowledge, especially with the readers of the Top 5 Website Builders blog.
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  • Wayne

    Both brands are good, but I personally like web.com more. They have a great experts team that can help you with marketing and can build a website for you for free if you can’t handle it. To tell the truth, the support is better too